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17:34 Ticket #1544 (t/profiling/profiling.t fails on darwin) created by dukeleto
02:51 Ticket #1504 (config/auto/arch.pm: Uninitialized value warning on Darwin due to change ...) closed by jkeenan
02:37 Ticket #1541 (warnings appearing during 'make' invocation of pmc2c.pl) closed by jkeenan
fixed: No further complaints. Closing ticket.


20:07 Ticket #1036 (readonly should be shallow) closed by bubaflub
fixed: Fixed in r45407.
20:02 Ticket #1543 (Create PARROT_HOT and PARROT_COLD function annotations) created by petdance
 http://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/gcc/Function-Attributes.html "The hot
05:19 Ticket #660 (Tidy failure cases for PIR implementation of t/pmc/ro.t) closed by bubaflub
fixed: Applied in r45405.


06:29 Ticket #1542 (HLLs sometimes leak into loaded modules) created by sorear
[…] I'm not sure what's going on here or how to start debugging it. …
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