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02:58 Ticket #1536 (Remove History and Maintainer sections from PDD's (mostly drafts)) closed by coke
fixed: Fixed, along with some other minor cleanups in r45652.
02:57 Ticket #1474 (runtime/parrot/library/config.pir refers to long dead "None" PMC.) closed by plobsing
00:49 Ticket #1557 (pbc_disassemble fails on large PBCs) created by plobsing
PBC disassemble complains about encoding or flat out segfaults when …


21:30 PerformanceImprovements edited by chromatic
ordered by rough progress (diff)
21:27 PerformanceImprovements edited by chromatic
19:13 Ticket #1556 (Wrong path and description of mk_language_shell.pl in PCT Book) created by tcurtis
In Chapter 3 of the PCT Book, mk_language_shell.pl is described as …
17:16 Ticket #1555 (t/op/lexicals.t failures) closed by coke
fixed: This test was broken in r45628, which also broke rakudo's build. Reverted …
14:56 Ticket #1555 (t/op/lexicals.t failures) created by coke
These need to get resolved before the 2.3.0 release. […] […]
14:29 TracSpammers edited by whiteknight
14:22 BuildTaskList edited by Jack9


20:20 pds-2010-04 created by particle
notes from the parrot developer summit meeting
11:35 PerformanceImprovements edited by bacek
Add branches for particular tasks. (diff)
08:38 OSInterfaceAdditions edited by fperrad
06:59 Ticket #1554 ([DEPRECATION] ManagedStruct automatic resize on shape change) created by plobsing
Changing the shape of a struct can occur for reasons other than the desire …
06:56 Ticket #1553 ([DEPRECATION] UnManagedStruct get_integer, set_integer_native) created by plobsing
These will be repurposed from setting/getting byte-length (which should …
06:53 Ticket #1552 ([DEPRECATION] UnManagedStruct initializer structure) created by plobsing
The Array or OrderedHash of triples is inelegant to say the least. This …
06:49 Ticket #1551 ([DEPRECATION] UnManagedStruct handling nested structure) created by plobsing
UnManagedStruct is complicated by the need to handle nested structures. …
06:45 Ticket #1550 (lexical lost when cloning a Sub) created by fperrad
when cloning a Sub, we lose lexical variables […] fails with this …
05:56 Ticket #1549 ([DEPRECTION] NCI for "raw" pointers) created by plobsing
NCI "raw" pointers use NCI without providing a signature. This was used at …
05:44 Ticket #1548 ([DEPRECATION] new_callback_p_p_p_s) created by plobsing
new_callback inserts data into the user provided userdata parameter. This …
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