and .


23:19 Ticket #1564 (expose a getpid library function for Rakudo $*PID and other languages) created by mberends
Please enable language implementations to read the ID of the running …
19:55 Ticket #1563 (Deprecation of unused runcores) created by mikehh
After discussion at the Parrot Virtual Developer Summit and in …
16:28 Ticket #1562 (Silence Configure.pl warnings about ccwarn when the default compiler is ...) closed by coke
fixed: (for those who are just reading the ticket, this was probably not …
13:53 Ticket #1562 (Silence Configure.pl warnings about ccwarn when the default compiler is ...) created by doughera
As of r45800, Configure.pl issues many warnings about undefined variables …
10:01 Ticket #1561 (Auto-vivification of nested aggregates is deprecated.) created by bacek
E.g. […] will not auto-vivify nested Hashes and return NULL early.


00:12 Ticket #1513 (Test::Builder formats TODO tests wrong/poorly) closed by bacek
done: Todo reporting improved in r45769. Closing ticket.


22:21 Ticket #1560 (r45619 (merge of stringnull branch) causes Rakudo failure in ...) created by moritz
A not yet triaged change in Parrot causes Rakudo to fail the last test in …
14:53 Ticket #1543 (Create PARROT_HOT and PARROT_COLD function annotations) closed by petdance
13:51 Ticket #1495 (MacOS and one WinXP TapTinder clients hanging on t/library/pg.t) closed by bacek
fixed: Closing as requested.
13:48 Ticket #1538 (Invoking uninitialised continuation causes segfault) closed by bacek
invalid: Mark this ticket as invalid. Original report against version which is …
13:31 Ticket #1550 (lexical lost when cloning a Sub) closed by fperrad
invalid: I'd forgot that a subroutine must be cloned by newclosure instead of …
13:31 Ticket #361 (All .pbc files should make-depend on PBC_COMPAT) closed by bacek
fixed: Made pbcversion.h depends on PBC_COMPAT in r45749 (which will lead to …
13:17 Ticket #1559 (ExtUtils::Command::cp broken [cpan #56666]) created by rurban
parrot can improve its makefiles by getting rid of the stupid chmod 755 …
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