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20:45 Ticket #1592 (t/op/io.t fails in non optimized build) created by NotFound
The test open_delegates_to_filehandle_pmc in t/op/io.t fire an assertion …
19:32 Ticket #1590 (Coredump in load_bytecode when embedding) closed by dukeleto
19:08 Ticket #1591 (PackFile_new_dummy is not in embed.h nor extend.h) created by dukeleto
docs/embed.pod gives examples that use PackFile_new_dummy, which is not in …
18:47 Ticket #992 (Memory errors when evaling invalid :vtable methods in a namespace) closed by dukeleto
fixed: Test added to t/oo/vtableoverride.t in r45993
18:25 Ticket #1590 (Coredump in load_bytecode when embedding) created by dukeleto
I am trying to load P6object.pbc in PL/Parrot, but I get a coredump. This …
17:36 Ticket #1101 (Potential memory corruption caused by faulty cloning of ...) closed by NotFound
fixed: RFA uses auto_attrs, which zeroes the attributes. However I think the fix …
13:15 Ticket #1322 ([RFC] OS.chmod & FileHandle.fchmod) closed by fperrad
fixed: OS.chmod() added in 45983
08:47 Ticket #1579 (examples/nci/xlibtest.pir out of date) closed by NotFound
fixed: Done in r45981
05:39 Ticket #1589 (Move . to the end of the library search path) created by sorear
Here's a snippet of strace output after I accidentally ran parrot-nqp in a …
04:57 Ticket #754 (cross-HLL export/import is experimental) reopened by coke
This is still marked as experimental in DEPRECATED.pod. If this isn't an …
04:54 Ticket #1588 (Parrot_VTABLE, Parrot_get_vtable, Parrot_PMC_set_vtable) created by coke
These do not expose any functionality that should be available to code …
04:53 Ticket #1587 (delete Parrot_PMC_* from src/extend.c) created by coke
These are duplicates of functions in src/extend_vtable.c. Exceptions: …
04:52 Ticket #1586 (rename Parrot_string_cstring to Parrot_str_cstring) created by coke
04:51 Ticket #1585 (rename STRING_is_null to Parrot_str_is_null) created by coke
04:50 Ticket #1584 (STRING Out parameters in Parrot_str_* functions) created by coke
All STRING modification functions will return a STRING pointer; capture …
04:47 Ticket #1583 (loadlib_p_s_p) created by coke
Ability to use non-default dynamic loading behavior
04:46 Ticket #1582 (NCI_FB_CB and NCI_FB_UD in iglobals) created by coke
Hooks allowing a runtime-loadable dynamic frame builder
04:45 Ticket #1581 (GC_SYS_NAME option to interpinfo_s_i) created by coke
Ability to get the string name of the current GC core from the …
04:40 Ticket #1580 (gziphandle PMC) created by coke
Placeholder to track new experimental gziphandle PMC
04:36 Ticket #1461 (compilers/json) closed by coke
fixed: All done except for #1579 whch I cannot test. Committed in r45972.
04:29 Ticket #1579 (examples/nci/xlibtest.pir out of date) created by coke
refers to removed compilers/json - needs to be udpated to use data_json …
02:43 Ticket #1573 (remove compilers/ncigen) closed by bacek
done: Removed in r45957. Resolving ticket.
02:24 Ticket #1462 (compilers/nqp) closed by bacek
done: compilers/nqp removed in r45953. Resolving ticket.
01:21 Ticket #1563 (Deprecation of unused runcores) closed by cotto
fixed: The branch was merge in r45949 so I'm closing this ticket. Rakudo has …


21:05 Ticket #1578 (Iterator.dump (among others) not installed) created by sorear
Of the 83 core PMC .dump files, only 15 are listed in MANIFEST.generated. …
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remove old priorities section. (diff)
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19:15 Ticket #515 (Remove old parrot versions from CPAN) reopened by coke
Few more versions left: […] Pinging SFINK about removing them…
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