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22:42 Ticket #1596 (PIR methods fail to be added to PMCs unless marked :nsentry) created by jonathan
The reason that Rakudo won't build on current Parrot (OK, it may not be …
21:51 GCTasklist edited by bacek
compact_pool is revamped now (diff)
21:33 Ticket #1272 (Problems with codetest on files in ext/ directory (should ext/ be included ...) closed by mikehh
done: This ticket seems to have been resolved. Closing
18:07 GCTasklist edited by allison
14:36 Ticket #1595 ([PATCH][PCT]removed deprecated in-place ops) created by jimmy
14:16 TracSpammers edited by coke
10:36 Ticket #1577 (gitignore files) closed by bacek
done: Single .gitignore file added at r45887. Resolving ticket.


16:34 Ticket #423 (config/auto/arch.pm can get wrong architecture on solaris/x86) closed by doughera
15:10 Ticket #1594 (make 'distclean' deletes perl!) closed by coke
fixed: Applied, thanks!
14:45 Ticket #1444 (Test failures in t/run/exit.t) closed by doughera
fixed: Replying to whiteknight: > As another data point, this error …
14:31 Ticket #1594 (make 'distclean' deletes perl!) created by doughera
Due to a stray trailing backslash, make distclean attempts to remove …
07:21 OSInterfaceAdditions edited by fperrad


21:19 Ticket #1593 (parrot puts an invalid value in a register when vtable override does not ...) created by NotFound
This shows the problem: […] Oddly, it doesn't segfault in a non …
15:58 Ticket #1592 (t/op/io.t fails in non optimized build) reopened by mikehh
the test is still failing for me in builds without --optimize (it passes - …
12:16 Ticket #1592 (t/op/io.t fails in non optimized build) closed by cotto
fixed: The assert was removed in r46009 causing t/op/io.t to pass once again. …
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