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22:40 UsingGitAndSvnInTrac edited by cotto
make intro less stupid (diff)
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_synchronize is gone (diff)
05:16 Ticket #1578 (Iterator.dump (among others) not installed) closed by plobsing
fixed: All core PMCs now have their .h and .dump files installed. There is also …


20:43 Ticket #1613 (Random segfault in rakudo spectests) created by moritz
For maybe two weeks now rakudo spectests segfault randomly, triggered …
20:40 Ticket #1612 (parrot change between r46273 and r46316 cause Rakudo regression) created by moritz
Rakudo 60c23d95b91177a85fc4775951654a124f807e21 on Parrot r46316: […] …
09:53 Ticket #1611 (t/library/pg.t fails with PostgreSQL 8.4.3 on ubuntu 9.10) created by dukeleto
09:32 Ticket #1610 (Parrot_compile_string does not properly catch errors thrown by causing ...) created by dukeleto
Parrot_compile_string is supposed to fill an error_string with error …
00:57 Ticket #1609 (tools/docs/filename_and_chapter.pl: Can we make this work with our coding ...) closed by gerd
fixed: The script writes modified POD files to build/modified_pod before it …
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