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13:32 Ticket #1626 (Re: [parrot-tickets] Newbie reporting doc inconsistency) closed by coke
03:26 Ticket #162 (Parrot segfaults if specifying a non-sensical namespace) closed by plobsing
fixed: fixed in r46484.


23:12 Ticket #1118 ([PATCH] Added __END__ to pir) closed by coke
wontfix: Based on allison's comment six weeks ago and previous discussion on …
22:58 GCSweepFreeImplementation edited by bacek
Minor fix (diff)
22:13 Ticket #1628 (Unescape parrot string to parrot string) created by NotFound
IMCC does string unescape using the Parrot_str_unescape wich uses a C …
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13:40 Ticket #1627 (tests for Test::More::done_testing) created by dukeleto
Write tests for this new function, added in r46472
13:19 Ticket #508 (JSON libraries should be renamed to something less confusing) reopened by coke
Original issue still not resolved.
13:09 Ticket #1626 (Re: [parrot-tickets] Newbie reporting doc inconsistency) created by coke
13:01 Ticket #1556 (Wrong path and description of mk_language_shell.pl in PCT Book) closed by coke
12:14 Ticket #813 ([RFC] Deprecate (parts) of OrderedHash.) closed by bacek
done: Hello. OrderedHash was reimplemented after 2.0 release. OH.push_foo …
12:10 Ticket #835 (Crash when appending to subclasses of ResizablePMCArray) closed by bacek
fixed: Hello. It doesn't crash for me anymore. Regression test added in r46469. …
12:02 Ticket #894 (Grant commit access to /languages to bacek) closed by bacek
done: Yes, it works now. Closing ticket.
11:13 Ticket #972 (Remove "old" context related function such as "parrot_gc_context") closed by bacek
done: Such functions were removed long time ago. Closing ticket.
10:36 Ticket #508 (JSON libraries should be renamed to something less confusing) closed by bacek
fixed: So, resolving ticket.
10:35 Ticket #133 (methodtailcall broken) closed by bacek
fixed: Hello. NotFound, yes, this is expected result. Test added at r46468. …
10:22 Ticket #170 (Intermittent failures in t/op/arithmetics_27.pir) closed by bacek
fixed: Ticket is stale. We don't have any reports of failures in this test for a …
10:20 Ticket #234 (mk_gitignore.pl (lib/Parrot/Manifest.pm) needs svk) closed by bacek
fixed: Hello. I rewrote mk_gitignore to use MANIFEST.SKIP as source of truth. …
10:02 Ticket #1539 (Remove deprecated Parrot_string_cstring function) closed by bacek
done: Hello. Someone have to pay more attention to our trac... Looks like we …
09:57 Ticket #1584 (STRING Out parameters in Parrot_str_* functions) closed by bacek
done: Hello. Looks like we've cleared all of them (and "ack" confirms it). …
09:48 GCTasklist edited by bacek
_synchronize is gone (diff)
09:47 Ticket #978 (Remove _synchronize from PMC Struct) closed by bacek
done: _synchronize was removed at r46289. Closing ticket.
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09:41 GCTasklist edited by bacek
Add link to GCSweepFreeImplementation (diff)
09:14 Ticket #1619 (t/oo/metamodel.t: implement todo-ed item: new opcode makes working ...) closed by bacek
fixed: Hello. I uncommented actual todo code in test in r46465 and it's passed. …
07:42 Ticket #1142 (test 12 of t/pmc/eval.t fails in testr (passes in other runcores)) reopened by plobsing
I've forced a GC run in the appropriate place. Now it should fail …
07:04 Ticket #1625 (PCT generates usage message too early) created by sorear
It should defer the usage message until after subclass constructors have a …
06:48 Ticket #1209 (parrot -O Fails Tests) closed by plobsing
fixed: fixed in r46463.
06:02 Ticket #1624 ([DEPRECATED] .meth_call) created by plobsing
This does nothing different from normal '.call'.
05:12 Ticket #1244 (compilers/imcc/cfg.c: emit warning in propagate_need()) closed by plobsing
fixed: 'propagate_need' died along with the graph colouring register allocator
01:13 Ticket #1073 (Lexical redeclarations in subs should throw exceptions) closed by plobsing
fixed: Fixed in r46449. It detects the multiple definitions at the end of the …


21:09 Ticket #1623 ([DEPRECATED] .nci_call) created by plobsing
NCI calls are no different from normal calls and this syntax does nothing …
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11:31 PerformanceImprovements edited by jimmy
07:04 Ticket #1030 (long sub invocation with named parameters) closed by plobsing
fixed: fixed in r46433.
06:11 Ticket #1152 (:named should default to the name of the parameter) closed by plobsing
fixed: fixed in r46431
04:41 Ticket #1622 ([DEPRECATED] :unique_reg flag) created by plobsing
This flag told the register allocator to store something in the same …
01:28 Ticket #1281 (Remove graph coloring register allocator from IMCC) closed by plobsing
fixed: gone in r46423
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