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22:19 Ticket #1646 (Failure due to missing external definition of inlined function ...) closed by bacek
fixed: Fixed in r46749. Thanks!
17:37 Ticket #1646 (Failure due to missing external definition of inlined function ...) created by doughera
Using Sun's compiler on Linux, with r46743, the build fails with the …
15:39 Ticket #1645 (Request for another overload to 'not' opcode.) created by shockwave
The docs page: …
15:34 Ticket #1526 (editor/skeleton.pir cleanup.) closed by coke
fixed: Fixed in r46742. (If you hack on parrot with vi, "cd editors && make …
06:18 Ticket #1644 ([RFC] Text format serializer for PASM/PIR constants) created by plobsing
This would allow the freezing and thawing of arbitrary constants that can …
06:03 Ticket #1105 (change to a libjit based frame builder) closed by plobsing
wontfix: I have packaged this functionality into a separate library at …


16:03 Ticket #1643 ([DEPRECATION] exchange op) created by plobsing
Exchanging the contents of registers is too low level for where PIR aims …
16:01 Ticket #1642 ([DEPRECATION] ops which modify registers that are not their direct ...) created by plobsing
The interface contract on ops currently allows them to modify registers …
00:40 Ticket #633 (sizeof_i_i opcode uses old integer types.) closed by plobsing


23:10 Ticket #1641 (iseq does not support the same type of operands as the math operators) created by shockwave
# Within a method ... This doesn't work. […] # Error message: # …
19:47 Ticket #1640 (Method names that start with '@' are not recognized.) created by shockwave
Unless class methods cannot start with '@' (or just be named '@'), there …
12:29 LoritoRoadmap edited by jkeenan
12:25 LoritoRoadmap edited by jkeenan
12:23 Lorito edited by jkeenan
09:17 Ticket #1612 (parrot change between r46273 and r46316 cause Rakudo regression) closed by moritz
05:31 Ticket #1632 (segfault in Parrot_ImageIO_shift_string) closed by plobsing
fixed: fixed in r46646.
03:14 Ticket #1639 (StringHandle should be updated to use StringBuilder internally.) created by bacek
Hello. In immutable strings world current implementation of StringHandle …
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