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21:48 Ticket #1651 (Squaak tests fail) closed by bacek
fixed: Test fixed in r46832. Closing ticket.
19:18 Ticket #1652 (Line numbers in a particular IMCC stack trace are all wrong) created by moritz
To reproduce: please check out commit …
18:13 Ticket #1651 (Squaak tests fail) created by dukeleto
15:40 Ticket #1650 (Parrot needs Date/DateTime Object) created by dukeleto
PL/Parrot would like to have a Date and DateTime object. This would be …
08:21 Languages edited by bacek
fix typo in url (diff)


22:23 Languages edited by bacek
Added my fork of PIR (diff)
07:23 Languages edited by fperrad
update Parrot version 2.4.0 (diff)
01:15 Ticket #1588 (Parrot_VTABLE, Parrot_get_vtable, Parrot_PMC_set_vtable) closed by plobsing
01:09 Ticket #1587 (delete Parrot_PMC_* from src/extend.c) closed by plobsing


19:30 Ticket #1649 (Blog post comments not visible for non-logged-in users) closed by coke
19:06 Ticket #1649 (Blog post comments not visible for non-logged-in users) created by tcurtis
For example, …
16:26 Ticket #1648 (Look at using restrict keyword on pointers) created by petdance
The restrict keyword can lead to improved optimizations by the compiler. …
10:08 Ticket #1647 (Constant folding on num type) created by grom
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