and .


23:41 Ticket #1660 (Deprecate Parrot_find_global_s and Parrot_store_global_s) created by whiteknight
The functions src/global.c:Parrot_find_global_s() and …
12:24 GCMassacre edited by bacek
12:23 GCMassacre edited by bacek
Add note about using "PMC_Allocator" as "Allocator" (diff)
05:38 Ticket #1659 (FileHandle objects don't honour timely destruction) created by plobsing
Converting a test in t/pmc/io.t to use the OO FileHandle interface, I …
02:21 Ticket #1658 (Change to config hash (45623) broke partcl) created by coke
Before this change, values in the config hash were stored as an …


23:45 Ticket #1657 (Make it so that Parrot on RTEMS does not call the system exit()) created by dukeleto
There are various ways to make this happen, and various levels of …
22:05 LoritoRoadmap edited by allison
20:59 LoritoRoadmap edited by coke
cross out stuff that's done! (diff)
20:28 Ticket #1656 (Embed API cannot find core PBC or PIR files) closed by dukeleto
invalid: Thanks to Notfound++, I realize this isn't so much a bug, as a lack of …
19:49 Ticket #1656 (Embed API cannot find core PBC or PIR files) created by dukeleto
This test program: […] Compiled with […] gives: […] The same …
12:34 GCMassacre edited by bacek
12:33 GCMassacre edited by bacek
Split code into chunks to simplify in-page navigation (diff)
12:21 GCMassacre edited by bacek
Minor changes (diff)
12:17 GCMassacre edited by bacek
Change description slightly (diff)
12:03 GCMassacre edited by bacek
Describe how PoolAllocator can work (diff)
11:19 GCMassacre edited by bacek
Add "Non-recursive, tri-colour, incremental mark and sweep." proto (diff)
10:25 GCMassacre edited by jimmy
add GC/IncrementalGC/TriColourGC prototype (diff)
08:47 BacekTaskList edited by bacek
07:21 CottoTasklist edited by cotto


23:05 GCMassacre created by bacek
22:32 Ticket #1655 ([DEPRECATED] logical vtables) created by plobsing
Logical values in parrot are INTVALs. We shouldn't need vtables and ops to …
20:23 CottoTasklist edited by cotto
add patch from plobsing++ for op arg consting (diff)
19:26 CottoTasklist edited by cotto
09:26 Ticket #1654 (ops2c should complain about ops numbering in ranges) created by plobsing
ops2c complains about every op that has inconsistent numbering (between …
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