and .


23:49 GCMassacre edited by bacek
Some notes about incremental tri-colour GC. (diff)
23:10 CottoTasklist edited by cotto
18:38 LoritoRoadmap edited by cotto
Don't conflate NQP and PCT. moritz++ for noticing. (diff)
16:42 CottoTasklist edited by cotto
13:00 Ticket #1665 (Pointer error when adding UTF-8 characters to StringBuilder byte-by-byte) closed by bacek
fixed: Fixed in r47086. Test added. Resolving ticket.
12:20 Ticket #1665 (Pointer error when adding UTF-8 characters to StringBuilder byte-by-byte) created by masak
The below snippet blows up when it tried to create the string "ö" by …
08:58 Ticket #1664 (OS PMC should use stat.pasm equivalent indices for stat buffer) created by plobsing
The stat dynop and OS.stat (dynpmc) use inconsistent indices. OS.stat …
08:37 Ticket #1663 (Mixture of dyn opcodes) created by fperrad
Since the merge of ops_massacre, all scripts setup.pir end without doing …
08:13 LoritoRoadmap edited by cotto
08:10 PlobsingTaskList created by plobsing
create an initial list of current tasks of the top of my head. this is …
08:10 LoritoRoadmap edited by cotto
incorporate suggestions from plobsing++ (diff)


23:57 Ticket #1662 (Should NameSpace entries be available through a hash-like interface?) created by whiteknight
Several notes I've run across make references to the fact that NameSpace …
22:58 Lorito edited by jkeenan
Incorporating definition of Lorito derived from Allison's post on … (diff)
14:26 Ticket #1661 (Parrot crashes when clicking on Preferences) created by reezer
Parrot crashes when clicking on Tools->Preferences. This happens with 0.62 …
07:08 CottoTasklist edited by cotto
opsc tasks are done for now, more are welcome (diff)
01:34 LoritoRoadmap edited by cotto
incoprorate feedback from allison++, other small changes (diff)


23:41 Ticket #1660 (Deprecate Parrot_find_global_s and Parrot_store_global_s) created by whiteknight
The functions src/global.c:Parrot_find_global_s() and …
12:24 GCMassacre edited by bacek
12:23 GCMassacre edited by bacek
Add note about using "PMC_Allocator" as "Allocator" (diff)
05:38 Ticket #1659 (FileHandle objects don't honour timely destruction) created by plobsing
Converting a test in t/pmc/io.t to use the OO FileHandle interface, I …
02:21 Ticket #1658 (Change to config hash (45623) broke partcl) created by coke
Before this change, values in the config hash were stored as an …
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