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23:40 Ticket #655 (Kill non-working GC cores) closed by cotto
fixed: bacek has verified that this ticket is safe to close, so I'm doing that …
23:38 LoritoRoadmap edited by cotto
put primary design questions in the approximate order they'll need to be … (diff)
23:34 Ticket #1081 (segfault in Parrot_HashIteratorKey_get_string) closed by bacek
wontfix: Hello. After recent work on GCs in gc_massacre branch I discovered that …
23:19 Ticket #1225 (Method cache invalidation should be a namespace function) closed by whiteknight
invalid: This is basically a duplicate of #1224, which was just closed as invalid. …
23:19 Ticket #1224 (Fix temporary hack for cache invalidation; should be a namespace function; ...) closed by whiteknight
wontfix: What does it mean "namespace function"? I don't know and there doesn't …
23:18 Ticket #1222 (Use the untyped interface in Parrot_find_global_n()) closed by whiteknight
invalid: Not enough information to resolve this ticket, so I'm just closing it.
23:17 Ticket #1221 (Match HLL of enclosing namespace in internal_ns_keyed()?) closed by whiteknight
invalid: What does this even mean? Not enough information so I'm closing this …
23:16 Ticket #1220 (Stop depending upon typed namespaces in internal_ns_keyed()) closed by whiteknight
wontfix: I'm not sure what this means, and nobody else does either, so I'm closing …
23:15 Ticket #1219 (Parrot's default namespaces should be fully typed) closed by whiteknight
wontfix: I've removed this note. There really isn't enough information around to …
15:17 Ticket #1673 (need better "create a language docs") created by coke
The original tutorial is long out of date and we frequently get questions …
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23:43 LoritoRoadmap edited by cotto
add concurrency (diff)
19:09 Ticket #1672 (TT #389 fix introduced regression with globals.) created by coke
r45827 introduces a regression in partcl. Stripping it down to the …
13:28 Ticket #1671 (Can't encode strings with non-ASCII characters in them) created by masak
In the below pir, encoding an all-ASCII string works fine, but Parrot dies …
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More todo (diff)
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Add TODO section for gc_massacre branch. (diff)
08:13 Ticket #1658 (Change to config hash (45623) broke partcl) closed by plobsing
fixed: partcl now has a revive branch that passes at this rev (also on the latest …
06:51 LoritoRoadmap edited by cotto
add purpose, minor fixes (diff)
05:54 LoritoRoadmap edited by cotto
split design issues into primary and secondary based on when they'll need … (diff)
05:45 Ticket #437 (.loadlib fails silently) closed by plobsing
fixed: I've fixed the problem in r47282. However, I made it such that only …
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add gsoc stuff for khairul's project (diff)
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