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23:20 Ticket #1677 (t/pmc/bytebuffer.t: Fails when ICU is not present) created by jkeenan
I am told by mikehh that t/pmc/bytebuffer.t is newly added. It fails …
18:52 Ticket #1675 (Cannot load perl6.pbc from PIR) closed by dukeleto
fixed: This was fixed in Rakudo : …
08:29 Ticket #1676 (t/pmc/io.t fails make corevm/make coretest) created by mikehh
At the moment this is the only test still failing in make corevm / make …
04:35 Ticket #474 ([PATCH] improved parrot.spec for SUSE) closed by jimmy
wontfix: After looking at the code in ports/suse/, I'm sure the ticket can be …


22:36 GCMassacre edited by bacek
GC_Statistics is done. (diff)
22:02 GCMassacre edited by bacek
Add TODO. (diff)
21:35 LoritoRoadmap edited by chromatic
21:15 GCMassacre edited by bacek
21:11 GCMassacre edited by bacek
Remove one TODO item (diff)
21:09 LoritoOpBalance edited by chromatic
21:09 LoritoOpBalance created by chromatic
created skeleton page
21:07 LoritoPurpose created by chromatic
created page skeleton
20:34 Ticket #1675 (Cannot load perl6.pbc from PIR) created by dukeleto
This code: […] which uses an installed perl6.pbc from Rakudo, gives …
17:44 ParrotQuotes edited by cotto
it's a vicious cycle (diff)


20:46 HLL Resources edited by jrtayloriv
Add references to introductory materials on writing HLL compilers (diff)
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