and .


16:51 Ticket #1679 (examples/compilers/japhc.c: Misleading documentation) created by jkeenan
=head1 NAME examples/compiler/japhc.c My attention was drawn to this …
13:19 Ticket #1671 (Can't encode strings with non-ASCII characters in them) closed by NotFound
wontfix: Closing ticket.
04:07 Ticket #1260 (bitwise ops and VTABLE functions) closed by coke
fixed: This appears to be complete. Closing ticket, removing notice from …
02:43 Ticket #1678 (t/pir/macro.t: test 'basic macro with argument' fails on Darwin/PPC) created by jkeenan
This file was added to the distro last August by dukeleto. However, it …
02:41 Ticket #888 ([BUG]parrot make failed with chinese TEMP PATH) closed by coke
fixed: Slightly different fix for the problem (though very close to cotto++'s) in …
02:15 Ticket #1068 (Rename test files whose names are too similar) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Closing.
01:56 Ticket #741 (PIR line numbers in backtraces are substantially wrong.) closed by coke
invalid: Austin - when I run this sample now, I get: […] So, I'm going to …
01:50 Ticket #1668 (NQP: Problem with arrays when unshifting/pushing) closed by coke
fixed: NQP is no longer available (2.3.0 was its last supported release), please …
01:41 Ticket #949 (Make tools/dev/mk_manifest_and_skip.pl work with git svn) closed by coke
wontfix: I removed the "patches welcome" comment; we're trying to move towards pure …
01:31 Ticket #1025 (PASM Registers limited to 2 digits.) closed by coke
fixed: Documented the limit in PDD 06, removed the test.
01:22 Ticket #989 (t/compilers/tge/grammar.t: FAIL under 'make test', but passes with ...) closed by jkeenan
wontfix: TT #1160 is tracking the TODO in failure in 'two rules of the same …
01:07 Ticket #534 (Get rid of PARROT_NET_DEVEL) closed by coke
fixed: While whiteknight++ did some work to clean this up in a branch a year ago, …
00:11 Ticket #1301 (Update RT references in repository/wiki) closed by coke
fixed: Any references left in the wiki can be considered historical. Closing …


23:22 Ticket #1431 (Register assigned to .local string variable is mis-remembered) closed by coke
fixed: Austin - the 2 line NQP snippet no longer generates 'callmethodcc' in the …
06:20 Ticket #1066 (Add %(...) expression to NQP) closed by jimmy
invalid: compilers/nqp is no longer around. Please use NQP-rx instead, and all the …
06:18 Ticket #459 ($(...) syntax in NQP) closed by jimmy
fixed: compilers/nqp is no longer around.
06:15 Ticket #1051 ([TODO] NQP should report use of undeclared variable) closed by jimmy
invalid: compilers/nqp is no longer around. And I didn't see the same issue in …
06:11 Ticket #1079 (Chaining operator ':=' is ignored in NQP) closed by jimmy
invalid: compilers/nqp is no longer around. Please use NQP-rx, and I didn't see the …
06:03 Ticket #837 ([DEPRECATED] NQP quoting rules going to be close to Perl6.) closed by jimmy
invalid: compilers/nqp is no longer around. Please use NQP-rx.
05:17 Ticket #842 ([DEPRECATED] NQP PIR q:to:...) closed by coke
05:10 Ticket #933 (building NQP on ppc stops with 'Segmentation fault') closed by coke
invalid: compilers/nqp is no longer around. Please open a new ticket if you have …
05:09 Ticket #900 (NQP parses functions beginning with 'make' as keyword) closed by coke
fixed: This doesn't appear to be an issue in nqprx (and the old nqp is gone.)
04:50 Ticket #1558 (Request wiki edit-access) closed by coke
fixed: Whoops, missed this request when it came in. done.
04:32 Ticket #1458 (Don't add probed warnings to config information.) closed by coke
fixed: looks like the probed warnings are gone.
04:23 Ticket #1596 (PIR methods fail to be added to PMCs unless marked :nsentry) closed by coke
fixed: Replying to allison: > I committed a fix for this and untodo'd …
01:30 Ticket #227 (t/op/pushaction fails with runcore PBC) closed by jkeenan
invalid: I believe the issues raised in this ticket are moot. …
00:29 Ticket #1135 (t/op/annotate-old.t fails using -f core) closed by mikehh
fixed: Looks like this can be closed now.
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