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22:46 Ticket #1680 (t/steps/gen/opengl-01.t: Tests for verbose output fail when OpenGL not ...) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Fixed in r47649. Closing.
22:38 Ticket #1258 (Method cache not always invalidated) closed by jkeenan
wontfix: Hearing no objection in the specified time, I'm closing this ticket as …
21:37 Ticket #1593 (parrot puts an invalid value in a register when vtable override does not ...) closed by NotFound
fixed: Added a reference to this ticket in the regression test in r47647. …
21:26 Ticket #1659 (FileHandle objects don't honour timely destruction) closed by NotFound
fixed: No further reports and new release launched, closing ticket.
21:23 Ticket #1483 (optimization for mixed_cs_index) closed by NotFound
fixed: The function has changed a lot since, and no longer have the issue …


23:43 Ticket #1680 (t/steps/gen/opengl-01.t: Tests for verbose output fail when OpenGL not ...) created by jkeenan
While testing Parrot today on a box on which OpenGL is not installed, I …
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16:57 Ticket #626 (parrot_config with multiple options, bad output) closed by coke
fixed: Tests added in r47624.
16:28 Ticket #712 (Some changes are needed to the install system so that Parrot installs in a ...) closed by coke
fixed: I'm rejecting this patch - I know that rakudo requires (and uses) an …
16:25 Ticket #1115 (show results of expressions in HLLCompiler based repls (again)) closed by coke
fixed: Thank you very much for the patch. Sorry for the delay in responding. …
15:33 Ticket #1670 (t/library/lwp.t fails after parallel build) closed by doughera
fixed: The workarounds added (referenced in TT #1663) seem to have made this …
00:34 Ticket #1678 (t/pir/macro.t: test 'basic macro with argument' fails on Darwin/PPC) closed by plobsing
fixed: fixed in r47613. test used macro args incorrectly.
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