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23:03 Ticket #1685 (Fix for #389 broke examples/pir/make_hello_pbc.pir) created by bacek
Hello. Starting from r45827 examples/pir/make_hello_pbc.pir doesn't work …
13:30 Ticket #1684 (examples/pir/*.pir aren't executed during make fulltest.) created by bacek
E.g. examples/pir/make_hello_pbc.pir is broken for some time. (Make …
12:26 Ticket #1683 (Key clone and set_pmc are broken) created by NotFound
The VTABLEs clone and set_pmc in the Key PMC uses the function …
11:09 Ticket #1682 (VTABLE_substr is never used) created by NotFound
Checking code coverage I discovered that VTABLE_substr in the String PMC …


21:18 UnwindSemantics created by whiteknight
21:11 WikiStart edited by whiteknight
Create page to discuss unwind semantics and exit handlers (diff)
01:55 CottoTasklist edited by cotto
add release signing and deprecation process updates (diff)


22:04 Ticket #1681 (git version of branching guide) created by cotto
As part of our transition to git, we'll need a version of our branching …
17:57 Ticket #1667 (t/op/sprintf2.t: Misleading documentation) closed by dukeleto
fixed: Fixed in r47676
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