and .


19:59 Ticket #1694 (load_bytecode semantic differs between .pir and .pbc loading) created by NotFound
This example shows the problem: […] […] […] When loading the …
12:23 Ticket #1693 (`make install` doesn't install all files necessary to build Rakudo on ...) created by cygx
When building Parrot 2.5.0 on Cyqwin, make install doesn't copy the …
11:35 Ticket #1692 (postgres libraries don't work from foreign HLLs) reopened by moritz
reopening on bacek++'s request, since we don't have a test for it yet.
11:32 Ticket #1692 (postgres libraries don't work from foreign HLLs) closed by moritz
fixed: Fixed in r47900. Now needs a brave soul to write tests for it…
11:21 Ticket #1692 (postgres libraries don't work from foreign HLLs) created by moritz
This works without error: […] But this dies: […] Error: […] …
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renaming POST with NFG (diff)
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rough outline, needs fleshing out (diff)
07:30 LinearScanRegisterAllocation created by chromatic
initial description of algorithm
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make link more prominent (diff)
06:51 ParrotDeprecations created by cotto
initial version, appalingly incomplete
06:51 ParrotDeprecationsFor2.6 created by cotto
initial version with a couple examples


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add pointer to branch (diff)
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21:15 Ticket #1531 ([DEPRECATION] Parrot_VTABLE) closed by plobsing
20:56 Ticket #1530 ([DEPRECATION] Parrot_PMC_* in src/extend.c) closed by plobsing
fixed: These were eliminated while fixing TT #1587 which was a dup of this …
20:32 Ticket #1691 (Look into GCC -flto and -fwhole-program link options) created by petdance
-flto is link-time optimization. -fwhole-program is optimization for the …
09:20 KhairulGSOC2010Schedule created by cotto
initial copy/paste + minor formatting; needs much summarizing
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