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23:34 Ticket #324 (Write function documentation) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to jkeenan: > Will close ticket in 48 hours, …


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21:15 Ticket #1699 (Update release manager guide for signing releases and providing SHA sums) created by dukeleto
As talked about in #ps on 29. June 2010, some Parrot devs would like to …
21:13 Ticket #1698 (Investigate SAFECode) created by petdance
 http://safecode.cs.illinois.edu/ The purpose of the SAFECode project is …
18:08 Ticket #1697 (Remove the open and close opcodes) created by dukeleto
The open and close opcodes are redundant and since the IO ops became …
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add some anchor links to specific deprecations (diff)
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09:31 Ticket #1696 (Pg.pir should supply error messages) created by moritz
The Pg.pir library should supply the error messages that postgres …
08:20 Ticket #1695 (Segmentation fault when calling .finish on unopend postgres connection) created by moritz
[…] The fantasy connection parameters cause the connect to fail, and …
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updates after meeting with khairul (diff)
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