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22:19 Ticket #1713 (helper script to find committers.) created by coke
when generating the 2.6.0 release announcement, I did an svn log on trunk …
18:34 LoritoDesignQuestions edited by cotto
add some answers that I'm reasonably sure about (diff)
18:02 LoritoDesignQuestions edited by cotto
make questions into headings so they'll be easier to distinguish from … (diff)
17:48 Ticket #1712 (Packfile tests incorrectly try to read non-native packfiles.) created by doughera
I am seeing new packfile test failures on Solaris/SPARC with the released …
17:09 Ticket #1711 (unreadable footer on docs.parrot.org) created by cotto
The footer on all docs.parrot.org pages is unreadable due the choice of …
16:12 LoritoOps edited by cotto
rename set, atrodo++ for noticing (diff)
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Add another question. (diff)
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07:12 Ticket #1710 ([BUG] exit of a Coroutine affects all of its sister clones) created by pmichaud
If any clone of a Coroutine dies, then it exits all of the clones. The …
06:08 Lorito edited by tcurtis
Add link to LoritoDesignQuestions (diff)
06:07 LoritoDesignQuestions created by tcurtis
Create a list of questions to consider when thinking about Lorito.
03:23 LoritoOps edited by cotto
separate coerce and set in an attempt to minimize magic (diff)
03:14 LoritoOps edited by cotto
remove some unneeded ops, add say to the temporary i/o ops (diff)
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clearly more branches are in order (diff)


23:17 Ticket #1708 (ParrotThread PMC experimental) closed by coke
invalid: While the current version might be buggy, we don't have a solid target in …
23:16 Ticket #1709 (Task PMC experimental) closed by coke
invalid: Rejecting - 1) not really experimental, since that ship sailed. 2) not …
23:04 LoritoOps edited by cotto
updates from #ps (diff)
22:22 Ticket #1709 (Task PMC experimental) created by Chandon
The current Task PMC is underutilized/tested/impelemented and should be …
22:19 Ticket #1708 (ParrotThread PMC experimental) created by Chandon
This mostly doesn't do anything useful and an incompatible replacement is …
18:02 Ticket #1707 (attempt to mmap 2325622477335777280 bytes when printing utf8 in perl6) created by mikegrb
My apologies if this is a perl6 issue and not parrot but parrot told me to …
16:57 CleanupMakeHtml edited by coke
mostly fixed breadcrumbs. (diff)
13:26 CleanupMakeHtml edited by coke
fixed the copyright date in trunk. (diff)
04:23 Ticket #1706 (Parrot fails to build on Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard) created by brianherman
Steps to Reproduce the problem: 0. Have a Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard Box 1. …
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01:26 LoritoOps edited by cotto
d'oh. mikehh++ for noticing (diff)
00:43 LoritoOps created by cotto
initial version based on the parrot-dev thread plus some random junk I …


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track latest changes WRT title. (diff)
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