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08:25 Ticket #1717 (Parrot compilation fails on './miniparrot config_lib.pir' when there are ...) created by dzoe
I downloaded parrot-2.6.0.tar.gz into /home/joe/Stažené, unpacked it and …
07:59 Ticket #1716 (Parrot won't install when there's a space in the --prefix path) created by moritz
Parrot fails to install when it was configured with --prefix='/tmp/spacey …
02:26 Ticket #1714 (in OSX snow leopard, Configure.pl stops on step#29 auto::va_ptr) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Problem resolved by user. Closing ticket.
00:09 Ticket #1715 (pprof2cg.pl not installed) created by coke
trying to do some profiling testing, I noticed that tools/dev/pprof2cg.pl …


21:59 LoritoDesignQuestions edited by cotto
CPS et. al. will be on top of Lorito, not part of it (diff)
19:27 ParrotQuotes edited by moritz
escape routes if vampires are approaching (diff)
15:27 Languages edited by gerd
01:28 Ticket #1714 (in OSX snow leopard, Configure.pl stops on step#29 auto::va_ptr) created by sng2nara
Report failure of Configure.pl on Mac OS X SnowLeopard at …


23:22 Ticket #509 (tools/dev/install_files.pl did not care about symlinks) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to gerd: > To get this ticket closed I created a …
16:53 LoritoDesignQuestions edited by cotto
various fixes, including citations and feedback from pmichaud++ (diff)
13:04 Ticket #1711 (unreadable footer on docs.parrot.org) closed by smash
fixed: Coke++ updated the live CSS file in parrot.org. I'm closing this ticket, …
07:01 LoritoRoadmap edited by cotto
add control flow issues (diff)
05:39 LoritoDesignQuestions edited by cotto
cps (diff)
04:37 LoritoDesignQuestions edited by cotto
more questions, no answers (diff)
01:17 LoritoDesignQuestions edited by cotto
too many ops on the brain. jnthn++ for noticing (diff)
00:53 LoritoDesignQuestions edited by cotto
answer a few more questions (diff)
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