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Typo police. (diff)
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elaborate a bit and add examples (diff)
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02:56 Ticket #1722 (osx build failed caused by errant '\c') created by LaVolta
OS: […] Error message: […] the old …


18:29 Ticket #1721 (parrot version numbers in oplib) created by NotFound
In r48214 I've noticed that executing make bootstrap-ops updated the …
18:25 Ticket #344 (Can't create working installed parrot for macports) reopened by JadeNB
This issue still occurs for me with Rakudo Star (built from source, not …
17:24 Ticket #1720 (fdiv_i_i_i and fdiv_i_i ops don't work correctly.) closed by NotFound
fixed: Fixed and test added in r48214
16:39 Ticket #1717 (Parrot compilation fails on './miniparrot config_lib.pir' when there are ...) closed by NotFound
fixed: Closing ticket
02:21 Ticket #1127 (profiling core shows incorrect filenames.) closed by cotto
fixed: This bug was fixed in r48211. Thanks for filing this and being persistent …
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