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22:29 Ticket #1743 (N<note> formatting code is unsupported in HTML output) created by dafrito
The N<footnote> formatting code, used in PIR and PCT books and other …
12:51 Languages edited by barney
Updated status of Lazy-K and Unlambda (diff)
06:49 ParrotDeprecationsFor2.9 edited by cotto
add find_global_s and store_global_s (diff)
06:28 ParrotDeprecations edited by cotto
add find/store_global_s (diff)


22:31 Ticket #1742 (Skip compact_pool if all blocks are almost full) created by nwellnhof
If all blocks except the top block are almost full, compacting isn't …
22:18 Ticket #1741 (Macro abstraction for hash iterations) created by luben
A lot of files in the source tree poke with hash.c internals. I have …
17:51 Ticket #1740 (pbc_dump crashes on certain inputs) created by ild
A number of bugs discovered in pbc_dump by Avalanche dynamic program …
15:44 Ticket #1733 (calling convention broken) closed by fperrad
14:31 Ticket #1738 (Improve documentation of PARROT_ERRORS_*_FLAG) closed by bubaflub
fixed: Applied in r48451.
14:20 Ticket #1738 (Improve documentation of PARROT_ERRORS_*_FLAG) reopened by Paul C. Anagnostopoulos
14:19 Ticket #1738 (Improve documentation of PARROT_ERRORS_*_FLAG) closed by Paul C. Anagnostopoulos
fixed: The attached patch makes the above changes. It also deprecates …
12:45 Ticket #332 (icc-10.0 32bit imcc crash) closed by whiteknight
worksforme: As of r48416 (and earlier, but I don't know for how long) Parrot builds …
10:13 Ticket #1739 (Latest CPAN Module Test::Builder caused test failure) created by mikehh
The latest version of the CPAN Module Test::Builder caused a failure in …
00:18 Ticket #1738 (Improve documentation of PARROT_ERRORS_*_FLAG) created by Paul C. Anagnostopoulos
PARROT_ERRORS_GLOBALS_FLAG will be documented as unused. …


19:39 Ticket #1660 (Deprecate Parrot_find_global_s and Parrot_store_global_s) closed by chromatic
fixed: Thanks, applied as r48435.
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