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13:09 Ticket #1465 (Parrot GC leaks memory for basic programs) closed by nwellnhof
fixed: Test case in r48579, fix in r48585.
13:08 Ticket #945 (Sub invocation consumes all memory. (needs testing)) closed by nwellnhof
fixed: Test case in r48579, fix in r48585.
12:51 Ticket #1722 (osx build failed caused by errant '\c') closed by NotFound
fixed: After 3 weeks without complaints, closing ticket.
01:00 Ticket #1754 (The Scalar PMC) created by Paul C. Anagnostopoulos
The Scalar PMC is quite confusing. Why do some scalars inherit from it and …


12:34 Ticket #1753 (PMC attribute blocks not aligned) created by Paul C. Anagnostopoulos
As far as I can tell, PMC attribute blocks are not aligned as they are …
12:21 Ticket #1752 (Unclear documentation for find_name) created by moritz
Quoting  http://docs.parrot.org/parrot/2.7.0/html/src/ops/var.ops.html


20:53 WikiStart edited by jkeenan
Link to more recent pages on deprecations and deprecation policy (diff)
18:55 HowToDeprecate edited by jkeenan
Point link for Support Policy to that page on Parrot web site, rather than … (diff)
18:46 ParrotDeprecations edited by jkeenan
Add headline; add link to How to Deprecate Parrot Code (diff)
18:44 HowToDeprecate edited by jkeenan
Add headline (diff)
16:45 Ticket #1751 (Links to DEPRECATED.pod et al) created by Paul C. Anagnostopoulos
The Support Policy wiki page contains three links to DEPRECATED.pod, …
02:42 Ticket #1750 (t/pmc/packfile*.t: Failures in multiple files on Darwin/PPC; not ...) created by jkeenan
On Thursday Aug 19, I was able to post this message on #parrot: […] …
01:15 Ticket #1749 (readall method on open FileHandle is inefficient) created by pmichaud
Using readall on an open filehandle appears to be extremely inefficient. …
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