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19:21 Languages edited by dukeleto
17:39 GitHubTracPluginTests created by cotto
one fleshed-out test case and a healthy TODO list
16:13 Ticket #1776 (r48847 breaks Rakudo) closed by pmichaud


19:19 Ticket #1773 (make headerizer fails on Windows XP) closed by Paul C. Anagnostopoulos
fixed: Okay, the problem is in headerizer.pl. It skips files in 'src/ops' by …
18:18 Ticket #857 (Parrot_floatval_time() and Parrot_intval_time() do not match up on Win32) closed by Paul C. Anagnostopoulos
fixed: I'm confused. This appears to have been a float-to-integer conversion …
16:11 Ticket #1780 (Using StringHandle for STDERR can cause segfaults) created by whiteknight
Here's a simple test case that demonstrates the problem: […] What I do …
01:11 Ticket #1779 (test failures on OSX) created by coke
Getting the following failures with vanilla "make test" on OS X […]


23:44 Ticket #1200 (sprintf formatting for exponents needs to be standardized) closed by Paul C. Anagnostopoulos
fixed: We agreed on 2 digits in the #ps conference of 7 Sept. 2010. I have …
22:31 ParrotDeprecations edited by nwellnhof
22:28 ParrotDeprecationsFor2.9 edited by nwellnhof
22:16 Ticket #1778 (Charset opcodes are deprecated) created by nwellnhof
After the charset/encoding merge, the following opcodes can be deprecated: …
21:54 Platforms/Windows edited by nwellnhof
21:20 Ticket #306 (embedding parrot fails, many symbols not exported properly [win32]) closed by nwellnhof
fixed: You should be able to get Windows code to work by defining …
21:08 Ticket #1777 (Optimized builds (--optimize='-O2 -finline-functions') on gcc/amd64 broken ...) created by doughera
Currently, as of r48867, optimized builds with gcc on amd64 don't work. …
19:42 Ticket #1776 (r48847 breaks Rakudo) created by moritz
Starting from parrot r48847, Rakudo has multiple spectest failures. For …
19:07 Ticket #1252 (src/dynpmc/gdbmhash.pmc: Handle case where libgdbm.so cannot be loaded on ...) closed by darbelo
invalid: This PMC has been removed from the parrot core. It now lives at …
01:38 Ticket #1775 (Inline hash key_hash and compare functions) created by luben
Move runtime indirection to compile time indirection. This gives us some …
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