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20:05 Ticket #1779 (test failures on OSX) closed by coke
fixed: Issue was resolved in duplicate ticket #1783.
17:29 Languages edited by Infinoid
Update link to PIRATE, tcurtis++ (diff)
16:54 Ticket #1770 (Boolean PMC without Integer) reopened by Paul C. Anagnostopoulos
I should leave this open for a few days.
16:46 Ticket #1770 (Boolean PMC without Integer) closed by Paul C. Anagnostopoulos
fixed: The sleeker_boolean branch has been merged. This new Boolean appears to be …
14:00 Ticket #1140 (config/gen/platform/generic/env.c unsetenv() out of sync) closed by jkeenan
fixed: I have taken this ticket for the purpose of closing it. It appears that …
13:46 Ticket #1315 (src/pmc/eval.pmc: create PF API, move it there) closed by jkeenan
13:40 Ticket #1784 (distutils fails sdist and bdist if zlib is not installed) closed by fperrad
fixed: fixed with r48955
12:17 Ticket #1762 (Memory leak in Parrot_find_method_with_cache) closed by nwellnhof
fixed: I can't reproduce the leak with r48953 either. Closing.
01:13 Ticket #1689 (Deprecate is_tty) closed by NotFound
done: Removed in r48949, closing ticket.
01:11 ParrotDeprecationsFor2.9 edited by NotFound
01:07 ParrotDeprecations edited by NotFound
00:40 ParrotDeprecationsFor2.9 edited by NotFound
00:36 ParrotDeprecations edited by NotFound
00:33 Ticket #1191 (Deprecate Parrot_get_runtime_prefix) closed by NotFound
done: Removed in 48947, closing ticket.


22:52 Ticket #1783 (t/compilers/pge/p5regex/p5rx.t and t/compilers/pge/perl6regex/01-regex.t: ...) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Well, whatever happened between r48930 and r48940 appears to have …
17:44 Ticket #1786 (Trac: 'Milestone' drop-down needs to display 2.10 and 2.11) created by jkeenan
The Milestone drop-down box jumps from 2.9 to 3.0 -- overlooking the fact …
17:23 Ticket #1785 (src/pmc/oplib.pmc, src/pmc/resizeablestringarray.pmc: Deprecate duplicated ...) created by jkeenan
In r48932, NotFound added a long overdue check for duplicated VTABLE …
15:46 Ticket #1758 (Segfault caused by new dynop mapping code) closed by plobsing
13:40 Ticket #1781 (examples/benchmarks/freeze.pasm broken in r48918) closed by plobsing
fixed: Fixed at r48927. chromatic++
11:46 Ticket #1784 (distutils fails sdist and bdist if zlib is not installed) created by whiteknight
If zlib is not installed, the GzipHandle PMC will not be installed with …
06:22 Ticket #1782 (C++ build broken in r48923) closed by plobsing
fixed: Both declarations are now PARROT_EXPORT.
02:04 Ticket #1783 (t/compilers/pge/p5regex/p5rx.t and t/compilers/pge/perl6regex/01-regex.t: ...) created by jkeenan
In the last 24 hours, two test files have begun to experience failures on …
01:23 Ticket #1774 (Adding without-readline support) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Patch applied, plus additional tests in r48925. Thank you very much. …
00:55 Ticket #1782 (C++ build broken in r48923) created by NotFound
C++ is broken at compiling core_ops.c The problem is that the prototype …
00:14 Ticket #1781 (examples/benchmarks/freeze.pasm broken in r48918) created by plobsing
Subject line says it all. Specifically, an assertion is failing in …


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17:39 GitHubTracPluginTests created by cotto
one fleshed-out test case and a healthy TODO list
16:13 Ticket #1776 (r48847 breaks Rakudo) closed by pmichaud
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