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18:51 BigProjectIdeas edited by whiteknight
formatting. Now with less suck (diff)
18:51 BigProjectIdeas edited by whiteknight
Break this page up into core development projects and compiler development … (diff)
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+idea about creating a new object metamodel using GObject (diff)
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+add Allison's Vala compiler idea (diff)
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+update description to be more clear about what we want (diff)
08:07 Ticket #445 ([bug] Darwin string buffering segfault in examples/shootout/revcomp.pir) closed by mikehh
fixed: Should have closed this months ago. Closing this ticket as resolved fixed


23:39 Ticket #150 (load_bytecode, loadlib, and HLL) closed by NotFound
fixed: 13 months? Time flies. Closing.
22:42 Ticket #1795 (pcre_compile picked wrong function signature letter.) created by ronaldws
The pcre_compile library function takes a const char ** parameter which …
17:53 Languages edited by whiteknight
Moving Matrixy to the "Inactive" state. The language is not dead, but … (diff)
17:45 Ticket #951 (correct some minor bugs in t/pmc/threads.t) closed by jkeenan
done: The patch provided here is no longer directly applicable. In the case of …
14:32 Ticket #1794 (Linear hash scan assumes non-NULL keys) created by nwellnhof
The linear hash iterator macro assumes that all keys in a hash are …


20:29 Ticket #845 (separate tool for uploading to smolder) closed by dukeleto
invalid: I just realized something like this already exists: examples/io/post.pir …
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