and .


16:44 Ticket #1798 (IPv6 support for Parrot) created by mstapelberg
Extract from the commit message: […]
15:03 Ticket #1797 (parrot --gc-threshold coredumps when given no threshold) closed by chromatic
fixed: Fixed in r49246. See also TT #1150.
09:09 Ticket #670 (Rearranging the GC interface) closed by bacek
invalid: Hello. I would like to reject this ticket. We do have GC_Subsystem …
08:56 Ticket #828 (Separate out GC String Core) closed by bacek
done: Hello. Most of work was done in string_gc_encapsulate branch. Finished in …
02:27 Ticket #1797 (parrot --gc-threshold coredumps when given no threshold) created by dukeleto
If no GC threshold is given, we get a coredump: […] This seems to be …


22:08 Ticket #1796 (PIR heredocs and encodings) created by nwellnhof
Currently, there is no way to specify the encoding of a heredoc in PIR. …
19:07 Ticket #502 ([PATCH] build on OpenBSD/ppc) closed by cotto
fixed: Sounds good. I'll mark this as fixed.
18:32 Languages edited by fperrad
update Parrot version 2.8.0 (diff)
14:09 Ticket #1130 (dependency problem for libnci_test) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Patch applied in r49198. Closing ticket.
01:51 Ticket #1231 (src/pmc/hash.pmc: Use freeze in get_repr() (for hashes)) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to cotto: > I'd be perfectly happy to see this …


18:51 BigProjectIdeas edited by whiteknight
formatting. Now with less suck (diff)
18:51 BigProjectIdeas edited by whiteknight
Break this page up into core development projects and compiler development … (diff)
18:44 BigProjectIdeas edited by whiteknight
+idea about creating a new object metamodel using GObject (diff)
18:43 BigProjectIdeas edited by whiteknight
18:41 BigProjectIdeas edited by whiteknight
+add Allison's Vala compiler idea (diff)
18:40 BigProjectIdeas edited by whiteknight
+update description to be more clear about what we want (diff)
08:07 Ticket #445 ([bug] Darwin string buffering segfault in examples/shootout/revcomp.pir) closed by mikehh
fixed: Should have closed this months ago. Closing this ticket as resolved fixed
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