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19:45 Ticket #1812 (Less Than Awesome error message when new Rakudo tries to run on old Parrot) created by masak
05:48 Ticket #1811 (r48674 broke int/float division in partcl-old) created by coke
[…] used to print "0.33333" or so (a floating point value) Now it …
03:32 Ticket #1810 (Configure.pl too noisy about missing tests.) created by coke
r49429. […] Configure.pl shouldn't be carping about this. If we need …
01:20 Ticket #1809 (Remaining string_* functions are deprecated) created by nwellnhof
The string_* functions have been deprecated for a while. The remaining …


23:54 Ticket #1808 (PIR string literals with charset and encoding are deprecated) created by nwellnhof
PIR string literals of the form […] are deprecated. They can be …


18:10 Ticket #1807 (Parrot changes between r49277 and r49386 break rakudo's line number ...) closed by pmichaud
fixed: Now fixed in r49387. Closing ticket. Pm
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