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02:58 Ticket #401 (pbc tools have inadequate test coverage) closed by cotto
fixed: We have some tests for pbc_dump and pbc_disassemble thanks to dukeleto++. …
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00:55 Ticket #1825 (How To Utilize The GCC Compile Farm) created by dukeleto
Parrot now has access to the GCC Compile Farm, graciously hosted by the …
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time for some tagging


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18:24 Ticket #1824 (Configure step to determine if IPv6 is available on local machine) created by dukeleto
I would like to add tests that connect to the local machine via IPv6, but …
06:11 Ticket #1823 (t/tools/mk_language_shell.t: FAILs two tests) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Confirmed on both Linux/i386 and Darwin/PPC. Closing ticket. Thank you …
04:28 Ticket #1823 (t/tools/mk_language_shell.t: FAILs two tests) created by jkeenan
This newly added test file is failing to pass two of its tests. I have …
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