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18:38 Ticket #1827 (Test failure in t/configure/049-options_test_prepare.t under perl < 5.8.8) created by doughera
When run with a version of perl less than 5.8.8 (I tested back to 5.8.4) …
02:20 Ticket #1826 (custom cmp kills FixedIntegerArray::sort) created by cotto
Passing a custom comparison sub to FixedIntegerArray's sort method causes …
01:59 Ticket #1317 (t/pmc/fixedpmcarray.t: fix to work with prederef of JIT) closed by cotto
wontfix: Yup. This ticket is no longer relevant.


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02:58 Ticket #401 (pbc tools have inadequate test coverage) closed by cotto
fixed: We have some tests for pbc_dump and pbc_disassemble thanks to dukeleto++. …
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00:55 Ticket #1825 (How To Utilize The GCC Compile Farm) created by dukeleto
Parrot now has access to the GCC Compile Farm, graciously hosted by the …
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