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22:45 Ticket #1832 (Build error) created by JustinWyllie
I'm on Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 4 Perl version: 5.8.8 perl …
21:11 LoritoRoadmap edited by cotto
flesh out the PIRATE transition (diff)
17:53 LoritoRoadmap edited by cotto
17:45 LoritoRoadmap edited by cotto
06:01 ParrotTeams edited by cotto
rework, remove redundancies, general cleanup (diff)
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spelling fixes (diff)
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betterer formatting (diff)
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23:33 Ticket #1831 (config problem with glui library on ubuntu 10.04) created by wagle
If I have the glui libraries (include files) installed on my ubuntu 10.04 …
23:00 Ticket #1295 (Should FixedPMCArray autovivify nested arrays on set_*keyed()?) closed by bacek
wontfix: Auto-vivification of nested aggregates is deprecated in #1561. Rejecting …
22:31 Ticket #1830 (docs.parrot.org should render POD in files that don't end in .pod) created by dukeleto
For instance, the POD for the String::Utils PIR library is not on …
22:14 Ticket #1829 (Recent changes impeded building and testing on smaller boxes) closed by chromatic
fixed: Fixed as of r49557. We still need the CLI configuration system, but we'll …
21:44 Ticket #1829 (Recent changes impeded building and testing on smaller boxes) created by jkeenan
This issue has been discussed on parrot-dev, starting …


19:10 Ticket #1681 (git version of branching guide) closed by dukeleto
done: I think the docs are in a good enough state to go along with the …
17:51 Ticket #1828 (Wanted: A User Tool For Handling Parrot Installations) created by brianwisti
I want to have multiple versions of Parrot available for testing, …
11:48 Ticket #1827 (Test failure in t/configure/049-options_test_prepare.t under perl < 5.8.8) closed by doughera
fixed: > I applied your patch and tested it on Linux/i386 with Perl 5.8.7, the …
07:21 Ticket #1821 (pdd28 mentions String.reverse, but it's not implemented) closed by cotto
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