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11:11 Ticket #1824 (Configure step to determine if IPv6 is available on local machine) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to jkeenan: > Merge performed in r49631. Will keep …


11:20 Ticket #1835 (Assertion failure reading a single character from stdin) closed by nwellnhof
11:19 Ticket #1839 ("stdin.'read'(n)" returns only null characters) closed by nwellnhof


22:41 Ticket #1840 (Config step to detect RTEMS) created by dukeleto
We need a config step that checks for rtems and sets the parrot_config …
15:08 Ticket #1839 ("stdin.'read'(n)" returns only null characters) created by rgrjr
The attached test script demonstrates the problem. (Runs on GNU/Linux; no …
14:25 Ticket #1838 (a ticket about the ticket system) created by gerd
If there is a WWW-cache between the web-client and trac.parrot.org it is …
13:39 Ticket #1837 (Segmentation fault during make fulltest) created by gerd
A "Segmentation fault" occurs by running "make fulltest". It do not stop …
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