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18:23 Ticket #1843 (NetBSD fails compiling sysmem.c) created by doughera
On NetBSD, attempting to build r49810 fails with the following message: …
01:09 Ticket #1841 (Add 'osvers' key-value pair to Configure.pl) closed by jkeenan
fixed: AndyD++. Correction applied in r49795. Taptinder reports pass. …


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+plobsing (diff)
17:54 Ticket #1842 (Linking against libparrot not as documented) created by plobsing
How do you link against libparrot? Easy - use pkg-config like …
16:36 Ticket #396 (32/64-bit cpu in smolder report) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Inspecting the tags currently available at …


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+ create a website at  http://parrot.github.org (diff)
15:18 Ticket #1841 (Add 'osvers' key-value pair to Configure.pl) reopened by jkeenan
I have to re-open this ticket because we got a …
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14:46 Ticket #1841 (Add 'osvers' key-value pair to Configure.pl) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Merged into trunk at r49788. Closing ticket.
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