and .


07:11 Ticket #1622 ([DEPRECATED] :unique_reg flag) closed by plobsing
07:08 ParrotDeprecations edited by plobsing
add removal note for :unique_reg (diff)
07:05 ParrotDeprecationsFor3.0 edited by plobsing
add deprecation information for :unique_reg (diff)
02:09 Ticket #1859 ('make realclean' fails to remove release tarballs) created by jkeenan
While working on TT #1850 the other day, I had occasion to invoke `make …


18:38 BigProjectIdeas edited by whiteknight
+memcached interface (diff)
18:24 BigProjectIdeas edited by whiteknight
+3 new ideas (diff)
08:37 Ticket #1858 (Parrot can't build with strawberry perl) closed by jimmy
05:48 Ticket #1858 (Parrot can't build with strawberry perl) created by jimmy


21:14 Ticket #1624 ([DEPRECATED] .meth_call) closed by plobsing
21:14 Ticket #1623 ([DEPRECATED] .nci_call) closed by plobsing
21:14 ParrotDeprecations edited by plobsing
correct typo (diff)
21:08 ParrotDeprecations edited by plobsing
Add removal note for .nci_call and .meth_call special forms (diff)
21:06 ParrotDeprecationsFor3.0 edited by plobsing
Add deprecation notice for .nci_call and .meth_call special forms (diff)
20:11 Ticket #104 (interpinfo.pasm constants don't match docs in core.ops) closed by NotFound
fixed: Drop the pointless dots that doesn't make sense if the INTERPINFO_PREFIX …
19:07 Ticket #1857 (Change remaining deprecated usages of set/get _addr to set/get _label) created by NotFound
TT #218 deprecates several usages of set_addr and establishes set_label as …
18:52 Ticket #1850 (config failure post 2.10.0) closed by jkeenan
fixed: OP satisfied. Closing ticket.
18:24 Ticket #1852 (Configure.pl errors in 2.10.0) closed by doughera
fixed: Replying to doughera: > Replying to jkeenan: > > …
14:40 Ticket #1856 (Build error in 2.10.1) closed by gerd
fixed: I am sorry for that. I forgot to run "./ops2c --core". New …
13:03 Ticket #1856 (Build error in 2.10.1) created by doughera
Attempting to build the 2.10.1 release from the 2.10.1.tar archive …
02:33 Ticket #1855 (Add UINTPTR type into parrot.) created by bacek
Hello. For bit manipulations on pointers we do need integral type to hold …
00:41 Ticket #1854 (Re-write of the embedded API) created by bluescreen
The current state of the API for embedding parrot into other applications …
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