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17:47 Ticket #1871 (Rakudo randomly segfaults (probably GC related)) created by moritz
Rakudo randomly segfaults some spectest files on parrot on amd64 linux, …
16:25 BuildWarnings edited by coke
14:09 Ticket #1629 (find_codepoint experimental op) closed by whiteknight
fixed: I raised this issue yesterday at #parrotsketch and support was unanimous …
14:00 Ticket #1870 (Move OpenGL Bindings to their own project/repo) created by whiteknight
We currently have bindings to OpenGL included in the Parrot master …
13:57 Ticket #1869 (Move Parrot::Embed into its own repo) created by whiteknight
The Parrot::Embed module for Perl5 is included in the main Parrot …
00:53 Ticket #1861 (ipv6 config probe too noisy) closed by coke
fixed: Scratch that, was not testing against master-latest. Issue is fixed, …
00:48 Ticket #1861 (ipv6 config probe too noisy) reopened by coke
00:38 Ticket #1861 (ipv6 config probe too noisy) closed by jkeenan
fixed: No complaints; closing ticket.


22:05 Ticket #1868 ([DEPRECATED] PIR compiler availability) created by plobsing
PIR as a language is currently always available in parrot. This privileged …
21:26 Ticket #1867 (RFC: optional fakecutable preamble) created by plobsing
Executables created by pbc_to_exe, better known as "fakecutables", don't …
21:14 PlobsingTaskList edited by plobsing
16:47 Ticket #149 (Add capability for trying different library names to DBDI::SQLite3) closed by whiteknight
invalid: >> It looks like things have moved on considerably and DBI / DBDI stuff …
15:41 Ticket #1450 (Improve handling of experimental features) closed by whiteknight
worksforme: We're going to be raising issues about some experimental features at #ps …
14:26 Ticket #1866 (Build parrot failed with PANIC on windows XP 32bit with strawberry perl) created by jimmy
perl congfigure --optimize && make […] then I input 'make' again, it …
13:58 Ticket #548 (Error handling in socket system) closed by whiteknight
invalid: This RFC hasn't attracted any attention in 20 months, and I think a …
13:26 Ticket #1865 (Allow more windows environments with git to work correctly with build ...) created by ronaldws
Parrot now uses git for source control requiring windows users to install …
11:52 Ticket #1859 ('make realclean' fails to remove release tarballs) closed by jkeenan
wontfix: So it seems people are happy with the status quo. Closing ticket.
10:53 Ticket #1864 ([RFC] Change coding standard to avoid 2 space outdent.) created by bacek
Hello. Current coding standard requires 2 space indent on switch/case …
08:25 PlobsingTaskList edited by plobsing
04:59 Ticket #1822 (get_bool VTABLE not defined on a SockAddr) closed by dukeleto
fixed: I've implemented this in the tt1798_ipv6 branch already, so I will close …


22:13 Ticket #1633 (CodeString PMC deprecated) closed by plobsing
done: removed
21:16 Ticket #1863 (Parrot IO and encodings) created by nwellnhof
The FileHandle PMC is supposed to support different encodings via the …
21:16 Ticket #866 (DEPRECATE (after review) the *bigint*, pow* and nextkey_keyed VTABLE ...) closed by bacek
done: All mentioned vtables were removed. Closing ticket.
21:11 Ticket #1770 (Boolean PMC without Integer) closed by whiteknight
fixed: This issue is resolved and no complaints in 2 months. I'm closing.
20:40 Ticket #300 (Bad .get_results in a exception handler gives infinite recursion) closed by whiteknight
invalid: The extra value is null-assigned after the PCC refactors and other …
20:36 Ticket #299 (Access attributes of PMC from derived pir classes) closed by whiteknight
wontfix: This particular issue is resolved and this ticket is being closed. There …
20:27 Ticket #194 (Review overriddable vtable interfaces) closed by whiteknight
wontfix: I'm closing this ticket. It was an RFC that attracted very little …
19:45 Ticket #1193 (Setting PMC to NULL STRING) closed by NotFound
done: Given that this was a Request For Comments and no one commented in 13 …
19:04 Ticket #1832 (Build error) closed by doughera
done: Replying to JustinWyllie: > Just reporting that this worked. …
19:02 Ticket #1862 (Configure.pl should actually test for gcc -fvisibility=hidden support) created by doughera
Currently, Configure.pl tests (in config/auto/warnings.pm) whether the …
18:08 Ticket #1846 (win32 compile fails on sysmem.c on mingw gcc 4.5 (w. workaround)) closed by fperrad
17:55 ResolveExperimentals edited by NotFound
17:21 Ticket #1606 ([DEPRECATION] String.lower()) closed by NotFound
done: Deprecation notes added in the wiki. Closing ticket.
17:20 ParrotDeprecations edited by NotFound
17:15 ParrotDeprecationsFor3.0 edited by NotFound
17:02 Ticket #1861 (ipv6 config probe too noisy) created by coke
[…] A simple "no" should suffice.
16:21 ParrotFaces edited by coke
rerun tools/dev/faces.pl (diff)
16:02 Ticket #642 (voting system for parrot foundation) closed by whiteknight
invalid: Replying to jkeenan: > Since we're in the voting process now, …
16:01 Ticket #628 (Win64 build fails with 64-bit CL) closed by whiteknight
fixed: This is no longer an issue, I am regularly able to build and test on Win64 …
16:00 Ticket #581 (make segfaults with PGE.pbc on fedora (r38365)) closed by whiteknight
worksforme: I'm closing this ticket. We haven't seen any failing reports from Fedora …
14:32 Ticket #1151 (Exception thrown from constructor leads to oddness) closed by whiteknight
13:51 Ticket #1151 (Exception thrown from constructor leads to oddness) reopened by whiteknight
10:32 Ticket #1076 (Smoking Git Branches) closed by bacek
done: Hello. We have successfully migrated to git. Closing ticket. -- Bacek
10:29 Ticket #938 (Parrot svn could use a trusted-root-signed-cert) closed by bacek
wontfix: Hello. We are not using SVN anymore. Rejecting ticket. -- Bacek
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