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23:14 Ticket #1059 (Run Parrot through cpplint.py) closed by NotFound
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+items which have been done for GCI (diff)
19:56 Ticket #1878 (Increase minimum perl 5 version to 5.10.0) created by coke
See: #1175 We are currently bundling the p5 Pod::Simple & Pod::Escapes in …
18:48 Ticket #1716 (Parrot won't install when there's a space in the --prefix path) closed by whiteknight
fixed: I've tested this patch on Windows and it works well. I just pushed it to …
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23:44 Ticket #904 (PGE trigger a "Segmentation fault" on ppc) closed by nwellnhof
worksforme: I don't think there's a chance to reproduce this bug after 16 months.
23:21 Ticket #934 (PGE build leads to assertion failure on MacOS X?) closed by nwellnhof
worksforme: I think we can close this ticket as unreproducible.
23:16 Ticket #557 (ucs2_decode_and_advance conditionally defined on ICU) closed by nwellnhof
fixed: The Unicode iterators don't depend on ICU any more.
22:50 Ticket #1877 (MappedByteArray experimental PMC) created by NotFound
The MappedByteArray PMC, developed in the mappedbytearraypmc, has landed …
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05:13 Ticket #1547 (Mass-update vim modelines) closed by plobsing
done: I've modified the modelines in master appropriately. The modeline setting …
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22:46 Ticket #1876 (Should 'make clean' remove blib/ folder?) created by fbrito
Hello, Is "make clean" supposed to remove blib/ folder? At the moment is …
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+LALR parser generator (diff)
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09:24 Ticket #1871 (Rakudo randomly segfaults (probably GC related)) closed by moritz
fixed: As of RELEASE_2_10_1-525-g8aa40c9 the segfault is gone. I guess bacek++ is …
07:58 Ticket #1865 (Allow more windows environments with git to work correctly with build ...) closed by jimmy
fixed: applied in 51cfb3855ec91b184154639ccc74e03d5c07d380
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