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Don't lose #766, which is a good idea, even if no one wants to work on it … (diff)
05:50 Ticket #1247 (ar can't read libparrot.a on Mac OS 10.5.2) closed by cotto
noreply: I'm closing this due to lack of response. If anyone's running 10.5.2 …
05:30 Ticket #1256 (src/pmc/class.pmc: Need a pluggable MRO in instantiate() PMC) closed by cotto
wontfix: Replying to jkeenan: > whiteknight, > > Do you think this …
05:24 Ticket #1208 (Optimize Parrot_pbc_read to do fewer stat() calls) closed by cotto
wontfix: I'm rejecting this ticket. We have more pressing bottlenecks.
05:18 Ticket #891 ([TODO] allow spaces in nci function signatures) closed by cotto
fixed: added in f9c7b11. Unless I'm missing something, there was way too much …
04:42 Ticket #766 (Documentation keyword tagging) closed by cotto
wontfix: I'm rejecting this ticket. If someone really wants tags we can revisit …


18:39 Ticket #1804 (Parrot out of mem on building Rakudo) closed by coke
fixed: tadzik reports this is now closable.


18:18 Ticket #1883 ('make bootstrap-ops' target broken) created by jkeenan
In the course of debugging today, I had occasion to run: […] It …
17:10 Ticket #1882 (gethostbyname failure doesn't throw an exception) created by dukeleto
Currently in src/io/socket_unix.c there is the following code: […] …
09:09 Ticket #1472 (Namespace.get_pointer_keyed is TOTAL KLUDGE) closed by cotto
invalid: Kludges don't make for good tickets. Some of the namespace code is …
08:34 Ticket #550 (t/pmc/codestring.t failing) closed by cotto
invalid: CodeString is gone, and with it this ticket.
08:16 Ticket #892 (PARROT_IN_OBJECTS_C used only in one file) closed by cotto
fixed: I'm not sure why we had this macro in the first place. I removed it and …
07:45 Ticket #1026 (Can't use } in TGE transform definitions.) closed by cotto
wontfix: TGE is now in maintenance-only mode (and has been for a while) meaning …
07:44 Ticket #1843 (NetBSD fails compiling sysmem.c) closed by dukeleto
fixed: Committed in 72908f9b2e536dd3af440874c0b4a8e6090ae1e3 Thanks for the …
07:08 Ticket #1874 (ports/ directory is listed in .gitignore, can't commit files to it) closed by dukeleto
invalid: You can commit files that are in .gitignore with {{{ git add --force foo …
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03:27 Ticket #1844 (Add 'git' instructions to README) closed by dukeleto
fixed: Fixed in e0a2fb88b2c921c77663e60dc3024c74ef85e8df
03:19 Ticket #1876 (Should 'make clean' remove blib/ folder?) closed by jkeenan
03:02 Ticket #1881 (Parrot on Android) created by dukeleto
Parrot should work on Android. This ticket exists to track progress on …
03:00 Ticket #609 (increased portability) closed by dukeleto
invalid: Tickets for specific platforms to support are welcome, but this ticket is …
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