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22:04 Ticket #1888 (Deprecations as data) created by dukeleto
All of our deprecations should be stored in a file in the Parrot git repo. …
19:43 Ticket #1887 (Integer PMC i_multiply bug) created by Yuki`N
The Integer PMC has a misbehaving i_multiply multimethod, called from the …
17:31 Ticket #1886 (set_string_native() not implemented in class 'TclString') created by coke
This error has cropped up in the last few months in partcl-nqp. (No …


20:05 CompilerInterfaceDesign edited by whiteknight
redo this page, Add handling of :load/:init. We should be able to tell the … (diff)
17:15 IMCCTasklist edited by whiteknight
More steps. (diff)
17:11 IMCCTasklist created by whiteknight
16:54 CompilerInterfaceDesign created by whiteknight
16:52 WikiStart edited by whiteknight
15:53 APIFuncRenaming edited by whiteknight
15:09 Ticket #1885 (Parrot_load_bytecode should only load bytecode) created by whiteknight
The function src/packfile.c:Parrot_load_bytecode() is too magical. It not …
01:26 Ticket #1884 (don't cache .parrot_current_git_describe) created by coke
When configuring parrot, the value for "git-describe" is taken from the …


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