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23:42 Platforms/Windows edited by cotto
21:23 Ticket #1899 (Memory leak in compilers/imcc/main.c) closed by bluescreen
21:08 Ticket #1900 (Change names of 'make' coverage targets) created by jkeenan
In the course of work on TT #1893, it was suggested that we change the …
21:08 Ticket #1765 (Memory leak in allocate_interpreter) closed by nwellnhof
fixed: I can't reproduce this particular leak anymore. Another one in the string …
21:06 Ticket #1899 (Memory leak in compilers/imcc/main.c) created by bluescreen
Around line 567, […] In the error branch main.c is not calling …[…]
20:57 Ticket #1893 (Define a 'quickcover' make target) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Kristaba++ for adding some documentation about this in …


18:24 Milestone 2.11 completed
03:18 Ticket #1898 (unicode bytecode filenames) created by plobsing
[…] Bytecode files containing non-ascii characters cause parrot to …


02:25 ParrotDeprecations edited by plobsing
add note about PARROT_ERRORS_GLOBALS_FLAG deprecation (diff)
02:23 ParrotDeprecationsFor3.0 edited by plobsing
add PARROT_ERRORS_GLOBALS_FLAG deprecation info (diff)
01:53 PackfileTasklist edited by plobsing
add note about :load/:init deprecations (diff)
01:01 Ticket #1897 (Implement 'silent' configuration) created by jkeenan
Documentation to several of the packages underlying Configure.pl
00:40 Ticket #1896 ([DEPRECATED] :init Sub flag) created by plobsing
After the changes described in TT #1895, the :init Sub flag is a no-op. …
00:38 Ticket #1895 ([DEPRECATED] difference between :load and :init Sub flags) created by plobsing
Depending on whether PIR is being run or loaded, :init or :load flagged …
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