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fix anchor for "no implicit :main subs" (diff)
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21:34 Ticket #1576 (Update functions that take STRING * to take const args where possible) closed by bacek
done: Last function was fixed in 4c6d38e58943cf1149301b65d4d3ec6bc3cfe252. All …
02:07 Ticket #1765 (Memory leak in allocate_interpreter) reopened by nwellnhof
The leak can be reproduced with the --leak-test option. Description …
01:15 Ticket #1906 ([DEPRECATED] Passing non-const STRING* is deprecated.) created by bacek
Hello. All [*] functions currently accepting naked STRING* argument …
00:29 Ticket #1630 (null arguments automatically coerce to empty strings) closed by Vasily Chekalkin
fixed: Don't coerce Null PMCs into values in PCC. Closes #1630 Changeset: …
00:17 Ticket #1905 (t/pmc/thread.t segfaults with --leak-test) created by nwellnhof
Subtests 3 and 5 of t/pmc/thread.t segfault when run with --leak-test …


21:45 Ticket #1540 (Current COW strings to be replaced with immutable version.) closed by Vasily Chekalkin
fixed: Remove concat_s_s op and rebootstrap generated files. Closes #1540
13:21 Ticket #1719 (Addition to config/gen/makefiles/root.in at r48140 causes multiple ...) closed by Vasily Chekalkin
fixed: Add special target to bootstrap NCI. Closes #1719. Changeset: …
13:21 Ticket #1883 ('make bootstrap-ops' target broken) closed by Vasily Chekalkin
fixed: Add description for bootstrap-ops make target. Closes #1883 Changeset: …
13:01 Ticket #1820 (Cloning a Socket PMC gives a Sockaddr PMC) closed by Vasily Chekalkin
fixed: Fix Socket.clone and test for it. Closes #1820 Changeset: …
12:52 Ticket #1837 (Segmentation fault during make fulltest) closed by Vasily Chekalkin
fixed: [imcc] Check sub for NULL before using it. Closes #1837 Changeset: …
10:16 Ticket #1904 ([DEPRECATED] assign on FPA) created by plobsing
FixedPMCArray.set_pmc, used to implement the assign op, deletes the …
09:28 Ticket #1826 (custom cmp kills FixedIntegerArray::sort) closed by Vasily Chekalkin
fixed: Pass cmp signature to quicksort to avoid segmentation fault during …
05:26 Ticket #1902 (Parrot_freeze_size should be removed for deprecation) closed by dukeleto
done: Pull request merged in e8d5f3cbbd075c45a9808de1fc06aa591613da70
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