and .


15:49 Ticket #1920 (Deprecate Threads) created by whiteknight
Parrot's current threading implementation is a mess. It was functional for …
15:29 Ticket #657 (libparrot.dll missing entry points) closed by coke
duplicate: This is very likely still an issue, but is covered by TT #682. Closing as …
15:16 Ticket #1894 (EventHandler's VTABLE_invoke unused and crashes .) closed by whiteknight
fixed: It appears that my fix causes the PMC to be invokable again for this test.
15:04 Ticket #1901 (Parrot_io_get_last_file_position should be removed in the next deprecation ...) closed by whiteknight
fixed: We decided that this didn't need a deprecation cycle, so it's been …
15:00 Ticket #996 (Socket.pmc should implement readline) closed by whiteknight
fixed: Socket PMC does implement readline method now.
05:17 BuildWarnings edited by nwellnhof
03:35 Ticket #1919 (Removal of dead functions in src/packfile/api.c) created by rfw
whiteknight proposes that the following functions are dead: […] From …
03:13 Ticket #1918 (Remove share and share_ro VTABLEs) created by Yuki`N
In my fork of parrot on github, I've created …
03:03 Ticket #1897 (Implement 'silent' configuration) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Implemented in commit a3bd233f968f203b320f2fb2c8fa623c5a531ae5. Closing …


22:21 Ticket #1917 (Parrot_api_make_interpreter() cause a crash when another interpreter ...) created by kristaba
When a second interpreter is created through the API, the function crash …
19:56 Ticket #1907 (Behavior of "exit" opcode changed since 2.11.0) closed by whiteknight
fixed: This issue is fixed.
16:38 Ticket #1916 (Deprecate freeze, thaw, and thawfinish VTABLEs) created by whiteknight
I would like to deprecate the freeze, thaw, and thawfinish vtables as they …
16:29 Ticket #1860 (Move pbc subsystem to src/packfile) closed by whiteknight
fixed: These files have already been moved to a new folder for now. We can still …
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+use visit (diff)
15:38 PackfileTasklist edited by whiteknight
+more tasks (diff)
15:15 PackfileTasklist edited by whiteknight
+some tasks about sub pragmas, which need major cleanup (diff)
08:56 PackfileTasklist edited by cotto
add notes about potential and actual gci tasks in this area (diff)
05:46 Ticket #1915 (Cloning ParrotLibrary results in Null PMC access) closed by plobsing
fixed: Fixed in 9d077eca238a6ed874270053384034187b580f08. However, there is a …
05:24 Ticket #1915 (Cloning ParrotLibrary results in Null PMC access) created by DavidCzech
Cloning a ParrotLibrary PMC results in Null PMC access: …


21:12 Ticket #1914 (Dead code in src/pmc/Capture.pmc) created by DavidCzech
The functions in src/pmc/Capture.pmc: […] and respective setter …
19:40 PackfileTasklist edited by cotto
19:16 Ticket #1913 (README issues) created by ajs
A mix of typographical and content issues. At revision: …
19:07 ModuleEcosystem edited by NotFound
mistake (diff)
19:07 ModuleEcosystem edited by NotFound
New repository (diff)
05:28 ParrotDeprecations edited by bacek
05:24 ParrotFaces edited by Yuki`N
rerun tools/dev/faces.pl (diff)
04:29 Ticket #1768 (Profiling runcore breaks Rakudo.) closed by coke
fixed: With today-vintage parrot/rakudo, this works for me: […] ... Closing …
04:22 Ticket #1911 (cannot read binary file stream) closed by plobsing
worksforme: 1) Parrot can read binary files (see read_urandom.pir). This is a …
03:33 Ticket #1909 (g++ build broken) closed by coke
fixed: Looks like whiteknight++ fixed this (and the remaining issues.)
03:18 Ticket #1912 (Test 2) closed by coke
03:15 Ticket #1912 (Test 2) created by coke
02:40 Ticket #1911 (cannot read binary file stream) created by x19290
In rakudo-star-2010.11, my $h = open '/dev/urandom', :bin; loop (;;) { …
01:21 Ticket #1910 (Review and Dissolve old embedding API) created by whiteknight
The old embedding API in src/embed.c is being replaced by a new API in …
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Revision 3, change fonts. (diff)
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Revision 2 (diff)
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