and .


18:58 Ticket #1924 (Incorrect use of is function in PIR tests raises misleading error) closed by nwellnhof
fixed: Fixed in d4f23c7. […]
18:56 Ticket #1918 (Remove share and share_ro VTABLEs) closed by nwellnhof
duplicate: These vtables are used exclusively for threads, so this is basically a …
17:34 Ticket #1704 (Implicit selection of main sub is deprecated.) closed by plobsing
done: Completed in cbaad37.
14:29 Ticket #1927 (Parrot doesn't build with spaces in directory name) created by whiteknight
I just tried building a fresh checkout of Parrot on Win32 in a directory …
06:41 Ticket #1926 (continuation method of Continuation PMC) created by rfw
Looking at the Continuation PMC, there is a method called continuation
05:18 ParrotQuotes edited by cotto
02:35 Ticket #1925 (remove config step auto::jit) created by coke
00:58 Ticket #1924 (Incorrect use of is function in PIR tests raises misleading error) created by rfw
When attempting to compare two non-Number values with the is function in …
00:34 Ticket #1923 (Filehandle PMC clone VTABLE does not work) closed by Yuki`N
fixed: This was pulled …


04:20 Ticket #1923 (Filehandle PMC clone VTABLE does not work) created by Yuki`N
(Discovered by Matt221) Parrot's FileHandle PMC type defines a clone …
02:49 Ticket #1922 (Review Parrot's 'make help') created by jkeenan
When a Parrot developer invokes make help, slightly over 100 lines are …
00:12 Ticket #1921 (RFC: decorate all functions in src/platform.c with PARROT_EXPORT) created by cotto
I propose that we add PARROT_EXPORT to all functions in src/platform.c …


15:49 Ticket #1920 (Deprecate Threads) created by whiteknight
Parrot's current threading implementation is a mess. It was functional for …
15:29 Ticket #657 (libparrot.dll missing entry points) closed by coke
duplicate: This is very likely still an issue, but is covered by TT #682. Closing as …
15:16 Ticket #1894 (EventHandler's VTABLE_invoke unused and crashes .) closed by whiteknight
fixed: It appears that my fix causes the PMC to be invokable again for this test.
15:04 Ticket #1901 (Parrot_io_get_last_file_position should be removed in the next deprecation ...) closed by whiteknight
fixed: We decided that this didn't need a deprecation cycle, so it's been …
15:00 Ticket #996 (Socket.pmc should implement readline) closed by whiteknight
fixed: Socket PMC does implement readline method now.
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03:35 Ticket #1919 (Removal of dead functions in src/packfile/api.c) created by rfw
whiteknight proposes that the following functions are dead: […] From …
03:13 Ticket #1918 (Remove share and share_ro VTABLEs) created by Yuki`N
In my fork of parrot on github, I've created …
03:03 Ticket #1897 (Implement 'silent' configuration) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Implemented in commit a3bd233f968f203b320f2fb2c8fa623c5a531ae5. Closing …
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