and .


23:30 Ticket #1927 (Parrot doesn't build with spaces in directory name) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to jkeenan: > > I will keep this ticket open for …
17:45 Ticket #1944 (t/src/checkdepend.t should not skip thr_ files.) created by coke
[…] We should test these also.
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14:48 Ticket #552 (Evaluate all hack-identifying comments in source code) closed by whiteknight
fixed: The output of this script is being displayed at ParrotHackList. I think we …
14:33 Ticket #1091 (ExceptionHandlers should be Subs) closed by whiteknight
wontfix: I think that we are not going to pursue this. The finalize opcode (which …
04:41 Ticket #1943 (Failure due to missing external definition of inlined functions) created by doughera
As of version RELEASE_2_11_0-902-gdce9186, attempting to build parrot with …


22:01 Ticket #1942 (src/nci/libffi.c: Throws warnings under various make targets) created by jkeenan
As reported in [ http://trac.parrot.org/parrot/ticket/1922#comment:15 TT …
05:22 Ticket #1913 (README issues) closed by Yuki`N
fixed: I revised the PIRC readme, and it is included in the latest master.
05:03 Ticket #1936 (SHA256 sums don't seem to match with external tools.) closed by Yuki`N
fixed: This is now fixed in master. An optimization, when ported over to PIR, was …
02:29 Ticket #1941 (make warnings_tests: Correct tests which run with warnings) created by jkeenan
In the course of work on TT #1922 this evening, I had occasion to run …
00:50 Ticket #1940 (set_pmc segfaults in BigInt) closed by nwellnhof
fixed: Fixed in 4bcb796. Test enabled in c9ea3e3.


23:49 Ticket #1940 (set_pmc segfaults in BigInt) created by rfw
Calling the set_pmc vtable method in BigInt causes a segfault. Here is …
16:13 Ticket #1939 (darwin: installed parrot linking to build directory) closed by coke
duplicate: Duplicate of #1890
14:11 Ticket #1939 (darwin: installed parrot linking to build directory) created by jkeenan
As originally reported in …
11:05 Ticket #1938 (rakudo on parrot RELEASE_2_11_0-777-gef82f5c segfaults on role related ...) closed by moritz
fixed: Turns out the argument checking for named parameters was changed, which …
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