and .


14:50 Ticket #1975 (pbc_dump and pbc_merge may crash on illegal options) created by doughera
pbc_dump and pbc_merge have the same problem as pbc_disassemble did in TT …


20:32 Ticket #1974 (Fixing GMP check on 32-bit system exposes test failure) closed by dukeleto
fixed: Patch applied with some tweaks in 3c1e33b , thanks!
20:17 Ticket #1974 (Fixing GMP check on 32-bit system exposes test failure) created by rgrjr
I noticed that t/dynoplibs/trans.t was skipping a bunch of tests that …
19:42 Ticket #1973 (pbc_merge fails silently) created by rgrjr
1. Download the test case tarball from …
19:35 Ticket #1972 (Can't compile with TRACE_PACKFILE set) created by rgrjr
I tried to compile pbc_merge with TRACE_PACKFILE in …
19:31 Ticket #1971 (Oplib paths are truncated in PBC files) created by rgrjr
The problem seems to be that IMCC uses the correct path to load the oplib …
18:37 CottoTasklist edited by cotto
14:51 stal-tic.pdf attached to LoritoCPSTutorial by jimmy
14:50 continuation-closure-passing.ps.gz attached to LoritoCPSTutorial by jimmy
implementing a CPS code generator for ML
13:36 WhiteknightTasklist created by whiteknight
+a quick tasklist for myself. All the cool kids are doing it.
03:40 Ticket #1970 (test) closed by cotto
fixed: yes
03:40 Ticket #1970 (test) created by cotto
is this thing on?
00:04 Ticket #97 (test installable config) closed by jkeenan
00:01 Ticket #1289 (Review/Consolidate test infrastructure in t/codingstd and t/distro) closed by jkeenan


20:32 Ticket #673 (Parrot 1.1.0 build on OS X with Fink ICU package) closed by dukeleto
wontfix: Parrot 1.1.0 is a quite old, unsupported development version. We will …
19:48 ParrotDeprecations edited by plobsing
implicit :main was not removed (diff)
19:47 ParrotDeprecationsFor3.0 edited by plobsing
implicit :main was not removed (diff)
19:35 PlobsingTaskList edited by plobsing
pbc-backref is done (diff)
17:46 Ticket #1964 (t/src/embed.t failed 34 tests of 49.) closed by nwellnhof
fixed: Remaining failures are fixed in 81c993c5b72d6.
16:00 Ticket #1969 (Deprecate Eval PMC) created by whiteknight
We should deprecate this PMC. compregs should return the packfile PMC, or …
12:22 Ticket #1968 (Loading of nqp-setting breaks rakudo.) created by bacek
Hello. Output of first snippet is correct. Second one is totally wrong. …
07:53 Ticket #791 (Crash on PBC execution under Windows Server 2003) closed by cotto
wontfix: I'd like to support Windows Server 2003 if possible, but we'd need someone …
03:55 Ticket #1959 (Configure flag for --without-threads) closed by nwellnhof
fixed: I can confirm that PARROT_HAS_THREADS doesn't get defined when configuring …
03:21 Ticket #1963 (src/string/api.c: Throws warnings under two 'make' targets) closed by jkeenan
03:01 Ticket #1945 (A parrot with all external libraries disabled fails t/src/atomic.t) closed by nwellnhof
fixed: Fixed in 2053ac1628
02:43 Ticket #735 (path for installed header files) closed by jkeenan
02:35 Ticket #1937 (t/src/embed.t - TODO passed: 3 in optimized builds) closed by nwellnhof
fixed: In d808617e14 I made this test fail in optimized builds by converting an …
02:12 Ticket #395 (optimize dynpmc makefile deps) closed by jkeenan
01:50 Ticket #1132 (t/steps/auto/frames-01.t: Failures following pcc_reapply merge) closed by jkeenan
wontfix: Since I have no idea when we're going to get a replacement for the frame …
01:33 Ticket #1967 (Deprecate IMCC compreg) created by whiteknight
The compreg PMC for the PIR compiler (IMCC) is just an NCI and has very …
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