and .


23:47 Ticket #540 (installed versions of dynext/*.so still link to -lparrot in build ...) closed by jkeenan
fixed: 7 days ... and no objections heard. Closing ticket.
21:41 Ticket #1986 (readline on Socket is broken) created by fperrad
the method readline of Socket PMC is broken […] the first readline on …
14:15 Ticket #1985 (Add windows-related temporary files to .gitignore) created by whiteknight
The windows build creates a number of temporary and intermediate files …
11:33 Languages edited by gerd
03:05 Ticket #1392 (build parrot failed on CentOS 4.5) closed by jkeenan
02:40 Ticket #1922 (Review Parrot's 'make help') closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to coke: > >  889:$(MINIPARROT) : …


21:15 ParrotQuotes edited by cotto
dukeleto explains it (diff)
19:49 Ticket #1944 (t/src/checkdepend.t should not skip thr_ files.) closed by nwellnhof
fixed: Fixed after merge of branch nwellnhof/platform_src
11:20 Ticket #1934 (Some Python programs added to tools/dev) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Yuki`N++ has confirmed that the addition of the copyright comment does no …
08:58 Ticket #820 (dynops should show up in docs/ops...) closed by cotto
fixed: After the make html rewrite, the dynop docs show up at the bottom of …
08:53 Ticket #765 (zero-length files from "make html") closed by cotto
fixed: make html was recently rewritten. This bug no longer appears to be in …
08:30 Ticket #1914 (Dead code in src/pmc/Capture.pmc) closed by cotto
fixed: I reverted the removal of these functions in 572deb so that the PMC will …
08:09 Ticket #1984 (Remove clone_pmc VTABLE slot) created by cotto
The clone_pmc VTABLE function is implemented only in the Class PMC and …
07:53 Ticket #1928 (get_bool function of Rational dynpmc) closed by cotto
duplicate: This looks like a dupe of #1965.
07:44 Ticket #1983 (Parrot_PMC_is_equal_num seems broken) created by dukeleto
From t/src/extend_vtable.t : […] where the test looks like : […] …
07:38 Ticket #1982 (Parrot_PMC_thaw and Parrot_PMC_freeze broken) created by dukeleto
From t/src/extend_vtable.t : […] where the test that is failing is : …


20:08 Ticket #1981 (Many new warnings like: warning: variable ‘interp’ might be clobbered by ...) created by dukeleto
This is happening on a 64 bit linux with gcc 4.4.3 […]
19:50 Ticket #1965 (rational.pmc's get_bool is backwards and not portable) closed by dukeleto
fixed: Thanks! Patch applied in 09258d5 and a passing smoke on my machine: …
08:17 PackfileTasklist edited by cotto
various updates (diff)
06:53 Ticket #1980 (make cover-src doesn't generate a coverage report) closed by dukeleto
invalid: I realize that this make target isn't supposed to generate the coverage …
06:48 Ticket #1980 (make cover-src doesn't generate a coverage report) created by dukeleto
make cover-src runs tests but doesn't generate a coverage report
02:15 Ticket #1979 (Configure.pl --without-extra-nci-thunks fails tests.) created by coke
[…] This particular config flag is causing most of the current smoke.
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