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07:50 Ticket #1138 (Create a 'vivify' opcode) closed by cotto
fixed: Now that we have a vivify opcode, the original purpose of this ticket …
07:33 Ticket #1567 (parrot does not compile on ia64) closed by cotto
fixed: It looks like this got fixed in 43e7a36.
07:26 Ticket #1570 (Out-of-date binaries/packages on Parrot.org) closed by cotto
fixed: I added a note that packages aren't guaranteed to be up-to-date to the …
06:58 Ticket #1985 (Add windows-related temporary files to .gitignore) closed by cotto
fixed: whiteknight added these in b87413ecf2. I'm marking this as fixed.
03:31 BacekTaskList edited by bacek
push_cached_eh (diff)


20:32 Ticket #1987 (Warnings from make headerizer) closed by cotto
fixed: The remaining files are fixed in 2cb55d9.
14:32 Ticket #1988 (lib/Parrot/Pmc2c/PMCEmitter.pm: make file match package.) created by jkeenan
During cage-cleaning today I reviewed TT #682 in which chromatic commented …
13:21 Ticket #1123 (Make Test errors on OS X 10.6.1) closed by jkeenan
13:17 Ticket #30 (make shared libparrot with an already installed shared libparrot) closed by jkeenan
12:58 Ticket #1873 (Windows2000 version requirement impeded build) closed by jkeenan
12:22 Ticket #1987 (Warnings from make headerizer) created by mikehh
After running make headerizer I get the following warnings: […] It …
12:14 Ticket #1872 (t/pmc/fixedstringarray.t fails coretest 64 bit with g++-4.5) closed by mikehh
fixed: Seems to be fixed, haven't seen the problem again. Closing


10:58 GettingStartedWithPlumage edited by fperrad
10:37 Ticket #1986 (readline on Socket is broken) closed by fperrad
fixed: ok, on linux & Windows (RELEASE_3_0_0-180-ga224f7a)
02:01 Ticket #1972 (Can't compile with TRACE_PACKFILE set) closed by plobsing
wontfix: Eliminated in 7a4a752a402ed3501ab94773a48468eec512a2c8.
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