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10:09 Ticket #1106 (Cannot presently dump Class pmcs) closed by bacek
fixed: No one complains. Closing ticket.


20:27 Ticket #2010 (add write barrier to all PMCs that write in unusual VTABLE functions) created by cotto
The new generational gc that bacek's been working on gives us some very …
19:57 Ticket #2009 (Remove dead svn-related code from Perl modules) created by dukeleto
An ack -ai svn lib shows lots of code that is not used. This ticket …
14:40 Languages edited by hackbinary
Updated cardinal smoke reports link (diff)
06:55 Ticket #2008 ([PCT] Patch/feature request: No pop_eh in try PAST::Op) created by arnsholt
For my HLL I needed a different layout of the pop_eh instructions in my …
03:55 Ticket #2004 (Where did Configure.pl option '--cxx' go to?) closed by doughera
fixed: Replying to jkeenan: > Umm, Andy, if you reopened the ticket …
03:06 Ticket #2004 (Where did Configure.pl option '--cxx' go to?) reopened by doughera
01:24 HowToDeprecate edited by dukeleto
01:23 Ticket #1751 (Links to DEPRECATED.pod et al) closed by dukeleto
fixed: I updated the wiki page and added a section for deps between 3.0 and 3.3. …
01:22 WikiStart edited by dukeleto
01:22 WikiStart edited by dukeleto
01:20 WikiStart edited by dukeleto
01:17 ParrotDeprecations edited by dukeleto


23:47 Ticket #2004 (Where did Configure.pl option '--cxx' go to?) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to jkeenan: > Coke, Andy: Thanks. I guess the patch …
21:02 Ticket #451 (Anticipated changes to bytecode) closed by cotto
invalid: I agree with bacek here. We'll deprecate specific items as needed but PBC …
19:36 Ticket #2007 (documentation now links offsite) created by coke
Recent commits update L<> references in docs/glossary.pod to point to …
14:58 Ticket #2006 (Problem compiling Rakudo's Test.pm on Debian x64) created by masak
13:16 Ticket #2005 (Parrot no longer builds on Darwin/PPC) created by jkeenan
Following the merge of the generational_gc branch into master, Parrot no …
02:29 Ticket #2004 (Where did Configure.pl option '--cxx' go to?) created by jkeenan
In Configure.pl, we have command-line option cxx documented as …
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