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02:37 Ticket #612 (pdd13-bytecode) closed by jkeenan
wontfix: Replying to cotto: > I moved pdd13 into drafts in 2010eaaa6. …
02:35 Ticket #1049 (Replace the value for $(MAKE) with the actual path (config/inter/make.pm)) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Merged at 0164b2c; ran perl Configure.pl && make test with satisfactory …


20:59 Ticket #2028 (pcre is deprecated) created by NotFound
The pcre module is deprecated from core. It will be moved to another repo …
15:03 Ticket #1951 (t/dynpmc/os.t incorrectly uses system-specific error strings) closed by doughera
fixed: Works for me. Closing Ticket. Thanks.
05:40 Ticket #611 (pdd06-pasm (complete syntax/semantics)) closed by cotto
wontfix: I'm rejecting this. PASM hasn't lived up to its original goals and …
05:31 Ticket #683 (implement method lookup iterators) closed by cotto
wontfix: 6model is indeed the future. I'm marking this wontfix.
03:28 Ticket #1947 (excessively noisy output from Configure.pl) closed by cotto
fixed: My understanding is that Parrot doesn't support what opengl would need to …
01:38 Ticket #692 (PBC to PIR fallback fails.) closed by jkeenan
fixed: No objections heard. Closing ticket. Thank you very much.


23:03 Ticket #997 ([BUG] Segmentation fault by building TGE on ppc64) closed by jkeenan
19:58 Ticket #2014 (t/tools/mk_language_shell.t might use an old installed parrot) closed by doughera
fixed: Works for me. Thanks. Closing ticket.
19:10 Ticket #2027 (Deprecate hashvalue vtable) created by dukeleto
The hashvalue VTABLE is unused in Parrot core and has no tests, until I …
14:34 Ticket #2026 (t/src/extend_vtable.t: Non-deterministic results) created by jkeenan
5 runs; 3 different results; 4 of 5 bad. Observed by both mikehh and me. …
14:05 Ticket #613 (JIT) closed by whiteknight
invalid: I'm closing this ticket. JIT is a long-term wishlist item, not something …
14:04 Ticket #614 (llvm jit backend) closed by whiteknight
invalid: I suggest we close this ticket, as you suggest. Creating a new JIT system …
14:03 Ticket #617 (embedded device version, nanoparrot) closed by jkeenan
13:50 Ticket #620 (optimization language (past-level)) closed by whiteknight
wontfix: I'm going to say "no". There are tools in existence to optimize PAST. A …
13:47 Ticket #615 (portable runtime) closed by whiteknight
wontfix: We do have a defined embedding API which appears to be pretty stable …
04:12 Ticket #2025 (tools/dev/ops_not_tested.pl: Program no longer runs: libraries missing) created by jkeenan
In the course of working on TT #1049 this evening, I came across this …
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