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16:31 Ticket #2035 ([DEPRECATED] Pointer, UnManagedStruct, ManagedStruct) created by plobsing
Pointer, UnManagedStruct, and ManagedStruct are slated for removal. …
08:16 Ticket #2034 (Experimental Select PMC) created by cotto
tewk++ has contributed a Select PMC. While the interface solidifies, it …
07:55 Ticket #1976 (manifest-related files still reference Subversion) closed by cotto
fixed: Now that we're on git full-time, editing .gitignore is fine. It used to …


23:34 Ticket #1159 (make distcheck target) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to gerd: > I added copyright information to …
19:28 Ticket #2032 (Small patch to add get_effective_user_id to parrot) closed by cotto
wontfix: I'm rejecting this ticket. The current user's effective uid isn't a …
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16:44 Ticket #2030 (t/pmc/structview.t fails with memory PANIC) closed by plobsing
14:10 Ticket #2032 (Small patch to add get_effective_user_id to parrot) created by worr
Perl6 at the very least needs to be able to get the effective user id as …
04:19 Ticket #2029 (new 'structview' PMC does not work on bigendian systems) closed by plobsing
02:29 Ticket #2031 (Configure.pl bug in Gentoo) created by dukeleto
[…] Related bug? …
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