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10:36 Ticket #2083 (Reintroduce --cxx flag in Configure.pl) created by bacek
Hello. To enable proper build of C++ extensions we have to provide --cxx …


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fix formatting (diff)
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13:33 Ticket #1634 (segfault in Parrot_Class_init_pmc) closed by coke
fixed: Replying to whiteknight: > nwellnhof's report suggests it may …
13:02 Ticket #1881 (Parrot on Android) closed by whiteknight
invalid: I agree with bacek. This isn't really suitable for being a ticket. This is …
05:33 Ticket #1842 (Linking against libparrot not as documented) closed by plobsing
fixed: pkg-config has not been the recomended mechanism for linking against …
05:29 Ticket #1853 (pkg-config support) closed by plobsing
done: The generation and installation of parrot.pc has been removed. Deprecation …
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Add notice regarding pkg-config deprecation (diff)
05:22 ParrotDeprecationsFor3.3 created by plobsing
Add upgrade instructions for pkg-config deprecation.
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